Bringing together the biggest and best entrepreneur speakers in the world today, Champions Speakers can help you deliver on-message at your event. No matter if you want to share in the story of a businessperson who built an empire from scratch, a Dragons’ Den investor who has helped businesses to scale up or an innovative start-up entrepreneur able to pass on their experience – we specialise in finding you the perfect personality.

Entrepreneur speakers will take on a range of topics including initial idea generation, building a brand, getting a team behind them and making a success of their idea. Inspiring business owners or budding entrepreneurs to make waves in their industry, as well as passing on tips and tricks from years of experience – the value of an entrepreneur can be second to none.

Get a free quote and advice from our expert team of booking agents today. Combining years of industry-experience, we offer speakers from a range of fields and have worked in 43 countries internationally.

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deborah meaden
Deborah Meaden
jack romero
Jack Romero
richard woods
Richard Woods
lara morgan
Lara Morgan
Padraig Ceidlgh
Padraig Ceidlgh
hilary devey
Hilary Devey
andrew keen
Andrew Keen
richard branson
Richard Branson
Presenting motivational entrepreneur speakers in the UK, as well as across the world from India to the UAE, China to the USA, you can create memorable corporate occasions wherever you reside in the world.
Making a success of your own business takes an incredible amount of determination and belief as you battle to build your company from the ground up. Nobody said it was easy and these entrepreneurs will tell you as much. Some battled through the threat of liquidation, some began with little to no capital, and others went to the end of the earth to secure their success.

Taking an idea for a business and running with it can be an intimidating prospect, yet the entrepreneur speakers you will see here have done just that. Yes, there may have been failures and issues along the way, but they overcame them to make a success of themselves and their venture.

Here at Champions Speakers, we are honoured to make many of them available for your speaking engagements. Our entrepreneur speakers all have an incredible story to tell, each of which is completely unique to their own business and the challenges they faced. A great choice for business events, functions and conferences, prepare for a talk filled with inspiring stories and motivational pointers to kick-start the conversation on your own business ideas.
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