Tommy Cannon and Bobby Ball

Legendary British Comedy Duo

The legendary stand-up comedy duo Tommy Cannon & Bobby Ball began life as welders in Oldham, Lancashire; but a camaraderie, mutual love of musical theatre and dreams of fame eventually made them two of the most recognisable comedians in Britain.

Despite their later popularity stand-up comedy was not the first point of call for Tommy Cannon & Bobby Ball, beginning their showbiz endeavour as singers in pubs and night clubs the boys only turned their hands to stand-up comedy when they discovered that comedians earned an extra £3 a night on the club circuit!

Tommy Cannon and Bobby Ball soared to fame in the late 1970’s and 80’s, they starred in comedy sketch shows, worked as stand-up comedians and even presented their own panel show later on in their career; their most popular TV appearances, at their height of their comedian careers, included The Cannon & Ball Show, which aired for nine years and included Easter and Christmas specials.

The changing taste of British audiences forced Cannon & Ball into a new direction in the 1990’s, however their catch phrases from their comedian hey-days remain memorable even today; “Rock on Tommy!”, “That’ll do for me cocker” and “you little liar!” continue to be synonymous with the stand-up comedy heavyweights that are Cannon and Ball. In more recent years the comedians have appeared in the ITV reality series I’m A Celebrity, Get Me out Of Here and also continue work as comedians for hire at corporate events; they appear at stand-up comedy venues across the UK.

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