Paddy McGuinness

Much Loved Comedian & Host of Take Me Out

Paddy McGuinness is a well-known and much-loved comedian and host of ITV’s hit show, ‘Take Me Out’.

Also known as ‘one-half of Max and Paddy’, McGuinness played one of two incompetent doormen from Peter Kay’s extremely successful comedy show, Phoenix Nights.

McGuinness’ first taste of fame was in a series of six, one-off episodes on Channel 4’s ‘The Comedy Lab’. McGuinness appeared as Terry, a work-shy employee in Peter Kay’s ‘The Services’. McGuiness returned with Peter Kay after this, with the part as ‘Paddy The Doorman’ in ‘That Peter Kay Thing’. McGuinness appeared in the episode that was entitled ‘The Club’ which led to the hugely popular spin-off show named of course, ‘Phoenix Nights’.

Prior to this, McGuinness was a fitness instructor at a local gym. It was only when Peter Kay, who was a close friend at the time, persuaded McGuinness to enter the life of showbiz, that he left his job and started work on the second series of Phoenix Nights, thus beginning a successful TV career.

Co-writing ‘Max and Paddy: The Road To Nowhere’ with co-star Peter Kay, the show entailed the adventures of the two Phoenix Nights doormen as they travelled around the UK in a camper van.

Additionally, McGuinness also took to the live stage with a number of stand-up tours. He also hosted sports-related programmes on Sky, and stook in for Paul O’Grady on his ITV chat show. Since this, McGuinness has become a regular and popular fixture on television with guest appearances on chat and panel shows, alongside hosting the ITV cult hit, ‘Take Me Out’.

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