Marcus Brigstocke

Hilarious British Comedian

Marcus Brigstocke is most notable for his contribution to comedy, specialising in satirical, witty social commentary. Over the course of his career, Marcus has appeared in stand-up comedy shows, television shows, radio shows, and on stage through musical theatre. Marcus has regularly appeared on the BBC, entertaining audiences across the country.

Whilst studying at the University of Bristol, Marcus started to venture into the world of comedy, exploring the central themes he frequently touches upon today. Over the course of his degree, he performed in the comedic trio, Club Seals, which was later developed into a series of short programmes named We Are History, running from 2000 to 2001. After he graduated, Marcus played Bertie Wooster in BBC Radio 4’s adaption of Code of the Woosters, with Andrew Sachs as Jeeves.

In 2007, Marcus released his first stand-up comedy DVD, Planet Corduroy, which provides an insight into Marcus’ mind through distinctive topics from David Blaine to corduroy. In the following year, Marcus and a fellow comedian, Andrew Maxwell, created a festival centred around music and comedy, which took place in a ski resort in the French Alps. Showing no signs of slowing down, Marcus later starred in a live improvisation show that toured America called Totally Looped, which was then followed by his second stand up show, God Collar, in 2009.

With his comedic career taking off, Marcus signed a publishing deal with Transworld, turning God Collar Tour into a successful book in 2011. In the same year, Marcus’ successful radio show, The Now Show, came to a natural end, after running for 9 years. The show offered Marcus an opportunity to share his witty criticism, specifically directed towards magician David Blaine, who he described as “not magic”.

In the late naughties, Marcus hosted The Late Edition, which was marketed by the BBC as “Newsnight with jokes” between 2005 and 2008. Later in his career, Marcus hosted the talk show I’ve Never Seen Star Wars and The Brig Society. Straying from jovial comedy, Marcus produced a serious drama called The Red, broadcast by BBC Radio 4 it touched upon his own experience of recovery. The show received high acclaim, awarded the Best Single Drama award in the BBC Audio Drama Awards 2018.

As a comedian, Marcus uses his on-stage confidence and satirical wit to engage with audiences, leaving their sides splitting and eyes watering with laughter. His unapologetic social commentary makes him stand out above the rest, a fearless comedian who will leave a lasting impression on any audience.

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