Lost Voice Guy

Brilliant Britain's Got Talent Entertainer

Lee Ridley is an English stand-up comedian. Disabled since early life, and unable to speak, he is the first standup comedian in Britain to use a communication aid in his routines, performing them under the stage name of Lost Voice Guy. He rose to prominence in June 2018 after winning the 12th series of Britain’s Got Talent.

Ridley began performing comedy in 2012, having grown up with a love for it, including standup performances. His decision to perform standup himself came in the aftermath of a gig conducted by Ross Noble, in which Ridley encountered the comedian and challenged him on the quality of Noble’s impersonation of Stephen Hawking, claiming he could do a far better impersonation of the renowned physicist.

To formulate his routines, Ridley purchased an iPad voice synthesizer app called Speak It!, which he pre-programmed with sentences based on material he created. Following his first show, Ridley adapted his routine by selecting material that had received favourable audience reaction, and adopting a style of improvisation in which he occasionally created new material onstage through his synthesizer in real-time. His first successful show was at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2013, although he was forced to cut this short after he developed pneumonia.

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“It went really well. The vibe of the room was fantastic. Lost Voice Guy was brilliant, we were delighted with him.”Ava, Shelter Cymru