Alexandra Shulman

Longest Serving Editor For British Vogue

Alexandra Shulman CBE, is a British journalist. She is a former editor-in-chief of the British edition of Vogue, and also the longest-serving editor in the history of British Vogue. She took the helm of Vogue in 1992, presiding over a circulation increase to 200,000 and a higher profile for the publication.

Shulman is one of the country’s most oft-quoted voices on fashion trends. In addition to her work with Vogue, Shulman has written columns for The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail, as well as published a novel. Shulman is eldest of three children by film and author critic Milton Shulman and writer Drusilla Beyfus, who herself was a contributor to Vogue, among other publications. Shulman began working at Condé Nast – Vogue publisher – upon joining Tatler in 1982, under the editorship first of Tina Brown and later Mark Boxer.

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