Andy Cope

Leadership, Motivational & Keynote Speaker

Children’s author and influential psychologist, Andy Cope is a popular keynote speaker. Rather than dedicating his life’s work to negative disorders – like phobias, depression and anxiety – he instead focused his study on positive psychology. Andy studies what it means to be happy, in the hopes of unlocking its secrets for more people to cultivate.

Andy noticed that a lot of people were experiencing negativity in their day to day lives, but were unable to improve their situation. They weren’t depressed but just bored and “fed up” instead. His study aims to take these people from their lowered mental state, to a more positive mindset through his presentations.

As a writer, Andy’s background in psychology helps him to understand his younger audience. Including such titles as Spy Dog, Spy Pups, Racoon Rampage, Racoon Rampage: The Raid and Spy Cat, his immensely popular novels entertain children all over the world. Andy’s work has sold millions of copies, making him one of the best children’s authors around.

Showing no signs of slowing down, Andy also publishes academic novels, like The Art of Being Brilliant, Be Brilliant Everyday, The Art of Being a Brilliant Teenager, The Little Book of Emotional Intelligence, The Leadership Multiplier Effect, Diary of a Brilliant Kid and The Teenager’s Guide to Awesomeness. His novels have sat comfortably on the “best sellers” list for weeks, a testament to Andy’s literary skill and academic knowledge.

Andy specialises in positive psychology, which includes studying the nature of happiness to better understand how we can achieve it. As a speaker, his course The Art of Being Brilliant has toured the world, offering thousands of audience members an insight into happiness. Charismatic, energetic and knowledgeable, Andy has presented to such businesses as Microsoft, DHL, Pirelli, Pfizer, Hewlett Packard, AstraZeneca and IKEA, improving their workplace culture with his advice. He also has a prominent media career, featuring on-screen, in print and on the radio to discuss his findings. Appearing for the likes of The Telegraph, Daily Mail and Enquire, he is a highly sought after expert in happiness.

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When at corporate events, Andy is known to cover the following topics:

  • Leadership
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Peak Performance
  • Team Work
  • Workplace Culture, Communication & Cohesion
  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Business Psychology
  • Change Management

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