Lisa Forte


Lisa Forte is an expert on the human side of cybersecurity and social engineering. In 2018 she won the Top 100 Women In Tech Awards recognising her achievements and contributions to the cybersecurity industry.

Forte delivers dynamic and engaging presentations based on her expert personal experiences of dealing with cybercrime cases and the research she has done into how cybercriminals use psychological principles in their activities. An experienced cybersecurity trainer, Forte knows how to effectively communicate her message to all types of audience in a lively, informative and engaging manner.

Lisa Forte began her career in counter-terrorism intelligence for a UK Government agency before moving into one of the UK Police Cyber-Crime Units dealing with serious cybercrime cases both in the UK and abroad. Through these experiences, she has gained a unique insight into the darker side of human nature and has led to her becoming one of the leading experts on cybercrime cases involving social engineering and psychological manipulation.

Forte founded Red Goat Cyber Security in 2017 to teach companies about the methodologies used by cybercriminals. Her areas of expertise include social engineering, the psychology of persuasion, insider threats and rehearsing for a cyber attack. She has conducted ground-breaking research into the psychology behind insider threats and created the first-ever GCHQ certified social engineering course.

Lisa Forte has appeared on national and international radio and is a frequent contributor to BBC news and similar news publications. She has also been recognised for her pro-bono work with charities and the UK National Health Service. She also works closely with the Women’s Tech Hub helping to increase diversity in the tech sector.

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When at corporate events, Lisa Forte is known to discuss the following topics:

  • Security
  • Technology
  • Cyber Security