Jamie Woodruff


As an ethical hacker, there is no one that Jamie Woodruff couldn’t hack. An expert in cybersecurity, he made a name for himself hacking high profile sites such as Facebook and Kim Kardashian’s website. Jamie can speak on a number of topics, including artificial intelligence, business online security and management, thanks to his extensive experience in computing and technology.

Testimonials of his speeches praise his impressive knowledge and enthralling presenting style, as he changes the perspective of his audience to value their security more. One testimonial even states that guests “turned off their mobile phones” after the speech, because of Jamie’s eye opening content.

Educated at Bangor University, Jamie is a fully qualified Penetration Testing Engineer at Metrix Cloud LTD. In this role, he puts a computer or servers security to the test. By trying to hack a computer, network or server, Jamie can identify weaknesses to be improved upon, ultimately protecting a business against malicious attacks.

Amongst other sites, Jamie has ethically hacked Facebook, Google, Youtube and Twitter successfully, highlighting the risks to user data and the integrity of the site. Jamie did this while at university studying information systems, building upon a passion for computer hacking that he had had since the age of 9.

At present, Jamie is a consultant for blue chip companies globally, securing the safety of high profile businesses. Described by Ashley Madison as a “poacher turned gamekeeper”, his background of hacking has made Jamie one of the most sought after cybersecurity speaker on offer. Described as being “rated the highest out of our industry speakers” by one of his previous testimonials, Jamie’s witty and insightful presentations are a joy to witness. He balances the perfect combination of eloquence and expertise, making Jamie’s topics easy to understand and insightful.

From understanding vulnerabilities to cyber security strategies, Jamie’s speeches combine discussion and visual presentations, with live Q&As and interactive activities. Audiences who witness Jamie present are privileged to his invaluable cyber security methods, offering specific penetration tests beneficial to companies of all sizes.

To book Jamie Woodruff as the artificial intelligence speaker for your corporate event, function or conference, simply contact the Champions Speakers agency by emailing agent@championsukplc.com or by calling a booking agent directly on 0207 1010 553.

“It was a great success – Jamie was super good! Thanks for all your help during the planning!!” – LauraRackspace

“Jamie scared the pants off the audience, they all left the session turning off their mobile phones. But so far to date he is rated the highest out of our industry speakers.”Tina Sapphire