Ian Pearson


Founder of Futurizon and a former Full-Time Futurologist at BT, Dr Ian Pearson is a jargon-free futurist speaker able to dissect the highly complex into information to benefit all manner of audiences. Forward-thinking and creative, Ian Pearson’s immense knowledge has allowed him to support the PR and marketing strategies of businesses all over the world. One of many of Ian’s inspirational keynote speeches came at a TEDx talk at the University of Warwick, where he discussed “the next wave of convergence between the digital and human”.

In addition to delivering a Ted Talk, Ian Pearson has provided several predictions that may surprise revellers. Back in 2017 he said that smartphones will be obsolete by 2025. He also said prior to that, that the future of transport would be highly autonomous with self-driving pods driving millimetres apart to maximise rail and road capacity. Another of his predictions, made in 2018 was that AI would be “billions of times” smarter than humans and that humans should merge with AI to survive. He has even discussed the possibility of immortalisation.

Informing on the important issues that we face tomorrow, Ian Pearson has spoken at the Unions 2020 Conference, Microsoft, the East of England Business Awards, Mobility 2050, 2020 Shaping Ideas Ericsson and BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT.

Educated to a high level, as a Doctor of Science, Ian Pearson has worked across industries ranging from aeronautics to cybernetics. His in-depth understanding of each area of his specialism has allowed him to build up accurate pictures of the future, in terms of the features that are likely to make up part of our home and work-life.

To open the door to the future of the world and the universe as we know it, or don’t know it, Dr Ian Pearson is simply one of the most captivating futurist speakers available. Whether it sounds like science fiction or soon-to-be reality, his speeches offer humdinger headlines and a passionate, insightful examination of the future in numerous areas, be it technology, AI or beyond. For a memorable speech covering many areas, Dr Ian Pearson is ideal.

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When at corporate events, Ian is known to cover the following topics:

  • Finance & Futurism
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital & Trends
  • Technology & Innovation
  • Technological Developments
  • Business & Technology

Get a feel for what Ian is like at corporate events, by watching his TEDxWarwick talk below: