Taneli Tikka

Head of Innovation & IoT at Tieto

Taneli Tikka is a serial entrepreneur who has worked in several start-up firms and listed companies and has been widely recognised for his expertise in finance and information technology.

Currently, he serves as the Head of Innovation at Tieto Corporation, also heading Tieto’s IoT business. Taneli’s work with growth entrepreneurship and social media startups earned him the honorary title of ICT Opinion Leader of 2010.

He has recently been rewarded the title of Young Board Member of the Year 2014 from his board of directors work with various growth companies.

Taneli has studied in the Aalto University School of Economics, graduating 1st in academic standing from the Executive MBA class of 2004.

Taneli is one of the authors of a recent report from EVA on artificial intelligence and robotization. The report projects the impact of these technologies on jobs, wellbeing and leadership. More than fifteen years ago Taneli quit his seemingly safe engineering job at Nokia to found his first startup.

His entrepreneurial journey has included a couple of major failures and several very successful companies. Taneli has been in leadership positions in companies like IRC-Galleria, Dopplr, Soprano Plc, Taika, Wunderkraut, RunToShop, Afarak Group Plc, and TLD Registry, a company selling Chinese domain names to the market for the first time in the world.

Taneli has in-depth personal experience from venture capital and risk financing: having closed 16 venture rounds as an entrepreneur and having financed a couple of selected companies himself as a business angel.

As a board director or advisor, he has worked with more than 30 companies.
Taneli is a keynote speaker at Finnish and International events and a much used expert commentator on business and technology in the Finnish media.

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