Scott Seaborn

Technology Speaker Dubbed As 'Mr Mobile'

Technology speaker Scott Seaborn should be called Mr Mobile (if he isn’t already by people who really know him) because his whole raison d’être is to promote and advance how mobile communications technology is revolutionising how ideas can be translated into solutions that affect the lives of virtually everyone on the planet.

He believes that mobile is not just a development of previous technologies; it isn’t the latest evolution that saw before it the PC, the laptop, the tablet and so on. On the contrary, mobile is a whole genre in its own right, and it is this platform that is driving the development of so many life-enhancing and life-changing products that people interact with in the 21st century.

As a technology speaker, Seaborn is able to call on the vast amount of experience that he has garnered while holding such roles as global mobile and strategy director of Aimia Inc, group head and mobile division creator at Ogilvy UK, and co-chair of the Mobile Marketing Association, which has the stated mission of “accelerating the transformation and innovation of marketing through mobile”.

But the overarching goal of everything Seaborn has done in the world of mobile is greater consumer engagement, which is why he was the driving force behind such loyalty schemes at Air Miles and Nectar while at Aimia Inc. What Scott doesn’t know about attracting and retaining customers and making them feel valued is not worth knowing.

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When at corporate events, Scott is known to cover the following topics:

  • Technology & Innovation
  • Mobile Technology
  • Ogilvy UK
  • Business Management
  • Technological Development