Marc Koska OBE

Inventor Of The Single Use Syringe

British born inventor and technology speaker Marc Koska OBE is known the world over for developing the single use syringe, a creation that would help lead to a significant decrease in the spread of diseases and infections such as HIV and ultimately gain him an OBE for his contributions to society.

With no medical background to speak of Marc Koska became fascinated by the multiple use of syringes and needles in both the medical industry as well as by illegal drug abusers; taking it upon himself to research the subject thoroughly Marc was able to develop a syringe that could not only be built using existing manufacturing methods but also used in the same fashion as existing needles but with the vital alteration that, once used, they would automatically disable themselves.

Though it may seem like a simple idea now back in 1984 it was a revolutionary idea that would change the lives of people all over the world. In his work as a technology speaker Marc Koska OBE not only discusses his personal motivation and inspiration for the invention but also highlights the importance of medical development and innovation in order to continue the improvement and development of the human race.

Outside his work as an after dinner speaker Marc Koska OBE has established a charitable organization whose function is to raise awareness about the dangers of multiple use syringes; appearing at schools and youth centres as a technology speaker Koska’s charity, the SafePoint Trust, educates the public about reusing needles.

With previous appearances as a keynote speaker at the prestigious TEDOxford events at Oxford University, Marc Koska is one of the most inspiring after dinner speakers working in the technology and innovation sphere; his own ingenuity and creativity are overshadowed only by his desire to make a better world for future generations and improve the lives of people around him.

Highlighting the selfless aspect of his personality Marc Koska OBE has also dedicated much of his time travelling the globe raising awareness about the dangers of reusing syringes; with SafePoint he has visited both India and Africa and worked alongside their governments to instigate the banning of multiple use needles in hospitals and has appeared in commercials and as a keynote speaker with health authorities all over the world.

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When at corporate events, Marc is known to cover the following topics:

  • Technology & Innovation
  • Single Use Syringes
  • Innovation Speaker
  • Technology Speaker
  • Global Health

“What a rockstar! Marc opened the day and was amazing. We will work with him in the future.” – Ade Risidore – Patsnap

‘Dear Marc,
A brief note to say thank you for your speech at our conference. We have had great feedback on how engaging and fascinating it was. Gary, will no doubt write to you separately.
Hope all goes well with your new venture – The world needs people like you and it was great to meet you.
Kind regards,
ClaudetteBSI Group