Ken Segall

Former Creative Director at Apple

Ken Segall is the design and creativity guru who named the iMac and initiated the ifrenzy, is a highly respected after dinner speaker and author of New York Times Best Seller Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple’s Success.

With a CV encompassing iconic brands IBM, BMW, Intel and Dell, Ken’s close working relationship with Steve Jobs first at NeXT and then at Apple, was a natural progression. Leading the team that created Apple’s renowned Think Different campaign, Ken embraced Jobs’ ‘simplicity’ principle which saved Apple from near-extinction in 1997 to become the most valuable company on Earth in 2011.

As Apple’s Creative Director, Ken re-launched the brand in the 1990s, and his keynote speech, The Power of Simple, illustrates Jobs’ vision and how it continues to impact the way Apple organises, communicates, innovates and advertises. Witty, clear and succinct, Ken is unrivalled as a keynote speaker, who reveals the drivers of Apple’s success, and recounts his life at Apple, working with Steve Jobs.

He also adapts his speech to focus more on advertising, and utilises the face that Apple is one of those rare companies whose adverts become as famous as their products. Ken offers an inside look at how some of the more iconic ads came to fruition — from internal debates with Steve Jobs to the production of the ads.

Ken also appears frequently on international TV shows and commentates in the world’s media on Apple’s business and creativity.

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When at corporate events, Ken is known to cover the following topics:

  • Apple; Think Different
  • Steve Jobs & His Success
  • The Power Of Simple
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Drive & Determination

Watch Ken reminisce about working for Steve Jobs in his keynote speech below:

“Just wanted to drop you  a note  to say thank you very much for  organising such a brilliant morning  yesterday –  Ken was hugely   insightful, great venue and a very pleasant morning indeed.”Jessica, Executive PA, Home House

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“Another enjoyable and interesting event.”Jodie, Vice President, GLOBAL PE ALLIANCE