Erik Wahl

Graffiti Artist, Author & Global Philanthropist

A creative genius that has the unique ability to combine art with business to inspire others and ultimately make the world a better place, Erik Wahl is a world renowned graffiti artist, author and philanthropist and award winning author of The Spark and The Grind that is also one of the most sought after and demanded speakers in the world. A personality that exudes a passion for his work, Wahl is an incredibly knowledgeable person that has an abundance of experiences to share. Engaging guests with his warm and approachable persona, Erik Wahl truly is an inspiration to people from all walks of life.

Showcasing an interest and ability for art from a young age, Wahl’s dreams certainly were not supported while he was in education. Told that he was lacking in talent and that pursuing art would not be worthwhile for him, Erik focused his efforts on studying and went on to gain a Bachelor’s degree in art and business from the University of San Diego. Beginning his career in an office job, Wahl eventually progressed to become a partner in the firm he worked for. Despite his ability and success in his job, Erik felt that he was wasting his creative side. After ten years of hard work, he found himself going through a bad patch and it was during this time that he turned to art.

Realising a dream and passion that had intrigued him from a young age, Erik began a journey of experimentation and self-realisation with aim of using art a way of expressing himself as well as writing and creating pictures with a variety of mediums. Continuing to be drawn to and seeking out like-minded individuals, Erik Wahl began to spend a lot of his time with an art community where he was inspired by the way in which graffiti art freed artists from the conventional ties of canvas and studios.

Instantly inspired, Erik began to experiment with spray cans in novel locations as he embarked upon a process of finding ways in which his art could grow to eventually inspire and amaze others. Fast forward to today, Erik now visits cities around the world and famously carries out his art drops, leaving one of his paintings somewhere in them. Interacting with his fans in an intelligent manner, Erik Wahl posts clues about where the works can be found, creating a treasure hunt for art lovers around the world over which as led to him become a household name.

Gifted with a talent for arts, the advice Erik received in school to study and get a job did not go to a complete waste as his business experience proved to be invaluable as it allowed him to explore new ways in which to make art both a passion and a way of living. Combining his breath-taking creativity and esteemed business acumen, Erik and his wife Tasha founded The Art of Vision, part of The Wahl Group, with the aim of assisting companies to allow employees to utilise their unexplored potential and to investigate their artistic side, increasing productivity and innovation through breakthrough thinking.

As a globally demanded speaker for The Art of Vision, Erik is considered as true inspiration to people around the world as he continues on his quest to assist creative people whose thinking is shackled by their day jobs to shine, using their ability to make a better work experience for themselves and their employers. A globally acclaimed thinker and keynote speaker, the impressive Erik Wahl’s speaking abilities have seen him be hired by the likes of Disney, Microsoft, FedEx, Frito Lay, Ernst & Young and many more.

Erik’s love for art and working to inspire businesses is also shared by his passion to help other through his kind donation of considerable time and money to charitable causes. The artistic genius has raised over $1,500,000 for charities through art events of varying kinds and by auctioning some of his works which has allowed him to win a place in the heart of millions and realise his goal. A true inspiration that is without doubt one of the most caring and impressive people you could wish to meet, the incredible Erik Wahl is available to hire as a speaker through the Champions Speakers agency.

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