Dirk Helbing

ETH Zurich Professor

As a professor in Computational Social Science at one of the world’s leading science and technology universities, Dirk Helbing has an abundance of knowledge useful to many businesses of the digital era. Having spoken at some of the worlds most prestigious universities, Helbing is no stranger to delivering the most engaging and insightful speeches surrounding technological advancement and how it can benefit businesses.

Whilst at the University of Gottingen, Helbing studied for physics and mathematics. He went onto read for a doctorate at Stuttgart University where he researched modelling social processes by means of game-theoretical approaches, stochastic methods and complex systems theory. After his further studies on traffic dynamics and optimisation, he became a professor and managing director at the Dresden University of Technology in the Institute for Transport and Economics.

Helbing is the co-founder of the Physics of Socio-Economic Systems Division of the German Physical Society as well as the Competence Center for Coping with Crises in Complex Socio-Economic Systems, the Risk Center, Institute for Science Technology and Policy and the Decision Science Laboratory. His valued voice and research has been quoted by the media many times and he has also written over 10 papers that revolve around nature, science and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA.

Some of his work developing disciplines such as data science and computational social science lead to Nervousnet Platform. The mobile application allows users to share data in order to achieve social and scientific goals in the bid of reaching digital democracy. He has also worked for the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Complex Systems before being elected to become a member of the External Faculty of the Santa Fe Institute, the External Faculty of the Complexity Science Hub Vienna and board member of the Global Brain Institute in Brussels and International Center for Earth Simulation in Geneva.

A prized member of the technology industry, Helbing is now using his wealth of knowledge to take to the stage as an after-dinner speaker. His extensive understanding of a broad range of topics makes him ideal for businesses looking for new and interesting insights into various aspects of the corporate and technological world.

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When at corporate events, Dirk is known to cover the following topics:

  • Responsible Engineering
  • Technology & Innovation
  • Drive & Determination
  • Peak Performance