Bibop Gresta

CEO Of HTT & Digital Magics

Co-founder and current Chairman of Hyperloop Transportation Technologie (HTT), Bibop Gresta is an expert business leader, entrepreneur, technology pioneer and keynote speaker. Heading up an impressive team of over 800 professionals, from over 40 different countries spanning 6 continents, Bibop knows how to manage and lead a successful business. Under Bipob’s leadership, HTT has grown and expanded in ways that other businesses could only dream of. The first company to begin development of the Hyperloop, HTT is the largest company to ever build upon a collaborative business ecosystem.

Continuously revolutionising mobility and outdated business models, HTT, under Bibop’s leadership, was declared Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum. An incredibly  bright individual, Bibop began to shape his career from an early age, becoming the director of software development at the Italian division of Alpha Center at just 15 years old. He then went on to found Bibop SpA, a content production and distribution company. Bibop also co-founded the influential start-up incubator Digital Magics SpA, which has served as the catalyst for launching more than 70 other companies.

Bibop has also worked in the media industry as a TV writer, and for a number of years was the writer for MTV in Italy. With a hugely diverse resume, Bibop has had experience in a number of different industries from throughout his career making him an ideal choice for a variety of after-dinner functions, conferences and speaker events.

Now a world-renowned speaker, Bibop discusses topics ranging from ethical entrepreneurship to mobility. A regular speaker at TEDx, Bibop has become a highly regarded individual for his impressive insights and experience in the field of technology. With his particular expertise in Hyperloop technology, Bibop is a widely requested speaker all around the globe. Some of the most notable organisations he has advised and spoken on behalf of are the World Economic Forum and the United Nations.

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When he’s at corporate events, Bibop is known for covering the following topics:

  • Hyperloop
  • Digital Magics
  • Business management
  • Technology
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation
  • Futurism
  • Leadership
  • The Internet