David Mayer de Rothschild

Adventurer, Ecologist & Environmentalist

David Mayer de Rothschild is a leading adventurer, environmentalist and ecologist from England. He is currently leading a new generation of people in hope of revitalising and reigniting the hope that the fate of our planet can be rewritten. Rothschild is the Founder of Sculpt The Future Foundation which is a company that aims to use exploration and adventure in a storytelling manner to give nature a voice. He has ventured to some of the world’s most fragile and remote places in order to attempt to bring attention and potential solutions to ongoing, potentially detrimental global environmental issues.

He now spends a lot of his time as a sustainability and environment speaker. He has explored some of the world’s most interesting places and often reflects on his experiences throughout his time as a speaker. His passion for the environment shines through as a speaker, he speaks with real hunger and desire in order to inspire his audiences. Rothschild’s speeches are both informative and engaging, he can educate his audience whilst ensuring they are entertained.

In November 2011, Rothschild and a core crew travelled into the heart of Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest to discover the effects the controversial Belo Monte Dam project is having on the local community. Beyond the physical feat of these adventures is Rothschild’s relentless passion for educating others in his light-hearted, humorous manner. He has taken his call to action to millions of individuals across all demographics— from children to world leaders, NGOs to NASA, industries to non- profits, Oprah Winfrey to Nickelodeon. His burning passion for improving the environment is demonstrated through his continuous, ongoing work to make a change to the world.

With numerous adventures, several books, a Sundance Channel TV series and a National Geographic documentary under his belt, David is always debating, collaborating and innovating solutions for a more sustainable planet. As a speaker, Rothschild often discusses embracing change and the reality of sustainability, two topics he is an expert on. His wonderful personality and great knowledge on a number of vital subjects make him a truly compelling after dinner speaker.

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When he’s at corporate events, David is known to cover the following topics:

  • Reality of sustainability
  • Human Nature
  • Embracing Change
  • Travel & Transport
  • Science, technology & engineering
  • Climate Change

Watch David Mayer de Rothschild below: