Andy Pag

Sustainability Speaker & Innovative Eco-Adventurer

Explorer, Eco-Adventurer and sustainability Speaker, Andy Pag has bent the rules with regards to eco-transport. Most famous for travelling around the world on a truck which he restored from a scrap bound metal heap, Pag went on to fuel the vehicle with waste vegetable oil to complete his trip.

His passion for the environment inspired this trip and with this vehicle Pag covered an impressive 30,000km passing through 25 different countries en route. Built with a 1,200 litre fuel tank, the vehicle has the ability to travel 5,000km on one tank full of vegetable oil.

This use of what would otherwise be a waste product is also an excellent way to help cut down on emissions.

As well as the vegetable oil powered truck, Andy Pag has also driven a chocolate-powered lorry as well as organising events which look to use waste products to fuel transport, including the ‘Grease to Greece’ rally which involves a race between cars fuelled solely on restaurant scraps.

His dedication and drive to helping lower emission levels, his innovative steps to trying new methods of fuelling transport as well as his tireless dedication to the cause make him the perfect sustainability speaker for any event surrounding transport or the environment.

His real passion for this subject comes through which enhances his talks as a keynote speaker and after dinner speaker.

The motor industry over the last few years has transformed to accommodating cars which use alternative methods of fuelling their cars. As well as being dead on trend with his ideas, Pag is an role model in inspiring others to try and go green, and provides an excellent inspirational speaker to all events and conferences.

His ability to think on his feet during his challenge enabled him to complete it without too many hitches; he is therefore, the ideal candidate as an after dinner speaker. Explaining his tales and stories from his travels will enchant the audience and get everyone thinking about the real issue of emissions within our country, potentially engaging them to rethink their current personal situation.

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‘Andy was extremely engaging, authoritative, enthusiastic and yet measured. He backed up his words with great photos and plenty of good stories. In short, very entertaining and people will remember him and his story.’ – Deloitte

‘Andy wowed the crowd and transformed the evening into a rollercoaster ride of adventure and insightful lessons.’ – Porters Progress