Shaun Smith


Shaun Smith is a British business expert and sales speaker who has worked with some of the biggest companies in both the British and global market; now running his own consultancy firm Shaun is a customer service expert and strategist who shares his effective employee development model with clients through engaging and straight forward keynote speaker presentations.

Beginning his career with British Airways Shaun was an integral part of the management team that oversaw BA’s transition into a customer based airline with their ground-breaking Putting People First initiative. As a sales speaker Shaun demonstrates how the simple strategies implemented by himself and his team at British Airways back in the 1980’s remain effective in 21st Century business. Moving away from the tactics of many of his fellow business speakers Shaun avoids gimmicks and overly complex methodologies, instead relying on straight forward tools to improve customer service and employee skills.

After leaving BA Shaun Smith moved to Asia where he once again played a vital role in the redirecting of a global company, as MD of Cathay Performa Consulting (a subsidiary of The Swire Group) Smith led the team responsible for developing and sharing good sales and customer service practices as well as consulting with a number of other high profile Asian companies. His experience with high profile global companies would not end there and it would be further exposure to a number of businesses and industries that provided Shaun Smith with the expertise to develop his own style of customer service management and sales speaker presentations.

By this point Shaun was so well respected as a business speaker and strategic expert that he was asked by none-other than Sir Charles Mackay, Chairman of Inchcape Group to become the group’s leading advisor. This role brought Shaun into contact with over 30 business units that included those specialising in marketing services, retailing, shipping services and motor distribution; further utilising the expertise gained through experience as a businessman and sales speaker Smith helped these businesses move their sales and marketing strategies from competing on price and product to competing on customer service.

Shaun spent the next five years designing and leading deployment worldwide, working closely with the individual BU Managing Directors and their teams and making a name for himself as a globally respected keynote speaker. Now running his own consultancy firm, Shaun Smith is one of the most experienced and impressive sales speakers working in the UK, his global business experience and ‘keep it simple’ ethos mark him as a unique keynote speaker whilst his refusal to bend to the trendy use of paradigms, mantras and gimmicks make him a refreshing and occasionally controversial choice of business speaker.

To book Shaun Smith as the sales speaker for your corporate event, function or conference, simply contact the Champions Speakers agency by emailing or by calling a booking agent directly on 0207 1010 553.

When he’s at corporate events, Shaun is known to cover the following topics:

  • Sales Strategy
  • Customer Engagement
  • Customer Services
  • Employee Development
  • Sales & Marketing

“Your presentation was fabulous”

“Thought provoking and from my perspective extremely helpful; it has already changed my thinking about an MIA Council agenda that I have been planning! The feedback on your presentation, both at the event and still coming in, has been exceptional.” – Jane Longhurst, Chief Executive, Meeting Industry Association

He was absolutely fantastic.”

We arranged for Shaun to present to the top 500 of one of our major clients in Poland on Customer Excellence. He was absolutely fantastic. He was able to engage the audience and explain the principles of Customer Excellence in a way that they could understand and act upon. The energy was high, there was lots of laughing and the points were made and driven home. We liked his presentation so much that we asked him to speak at the Management conference for PwC in Poland. He delivered a completely different presentation, tailored to our circumstances and managed to wow the audience again. What can I say – I am impressed!” – Andrew Friars- Managing Partner, PwC Consulting Central Europe.

“A real pleasure to meet you and listen to your impactful and insightful presentation”

“Your well chosen case-studies and thought-provoking insights gave the team the perfect stimulus for some really beneficial discussion and debate. I’ve had very positive feedback from the team on your presentation and workshop; your contributions have certainly helped to drive a new way of thinking about how we interact with our clients at London Stock Exchange Group. You clearly spent a lot of time getting to know our business and markets, in preparation for your presentation, and your time is very much appreciated”. – Louise Clements Director, Internal Communications & Online London Stock Exchange Group