Judi James


Leading communication and body language expert Judi James has appeared on a number of high profile TV and Radio programmes. Judi’s specialist knowledge is highly sought after in broadcast, corporate and public relations circles. Judi works closely with different clients on public relations campaigns, she helps them deliver key messages through TV appearances as well as radio and print interviews. Judi then supports the survey results and press releases by adding personalised quotes and tips.

Working with a wide range of multinational companies, Judi always has positive feedback for her expert work. Judi has worked on campaigns with the likes of Google, Chanel, Gucci, Morrisons, Vodafone, Dove and many more. Judi is highly sought after, regularly delivering insightful analysis of body language to world leaders, celebrities, politicians and other public figures.

Judi is no stranger to TV appearances having showed the world her skills on the likes of BBC News, Sky News, Big Brother, CNN, The Xtra Factor, BBC2’s Newsnight and also filling a regularly night spot covering the 2010 General Election for 5 News. Judi researched and presented her own four-part body language series on Channel 5 called Naked Celebrity. Judi is a well followed individual who has written twenty six fiction and non-fiction books throughout her career, popular ones include The Body Language Bible and You’re Hired.

Not only does Judi provide one to one coaching for high level clients, but she also runs keynote seminars and training courses for businesses. During her sessions she focuses on the subjects of body language, networking skills, managing through change, charisma, empathy, customer care, personal image skills, motivation skills, communication skills, stress and lifestyle. These topics are also entwined into her presentations as a keynote speaker.

Judi’s wealth of experience combined with her straightforward practical advice and career on Television make her the perfect keynote speaker to provide insights as at a huge range of events.

To book Judi James as the after-dinner and keynote speaker for your corporate event, function or conference, simply contact the Champions Speakers agency using the contact details below.

When at corporate events, Judi is known to cover the following topics:

  • Body Language & Communication
  • Stress & Lifestyle
  • Customer Care
  • Personal Image Skills
  • Motivation & Inspiration
  • Change & Networking

“Judi James, body language expert and star of the day, begins her lecture. Judi is amusing and vivacious but her message is serious, this is about powerful personal marketing”
– London Portrait Magazine

“The amusing style of Judi James opened the afternoon session. Her light-hearted approach was one that everyone related to. She answered questions of how we should present ourselves in a positive and confident way and how signals can be positive or negative”
– Esprit Magazine

“Working as a senior associate consultant Judi James has successfully delivered a wide range of training programmes to all sectors. Judi is also extremely dynamic and entertaining as a keynote speaker at our conference events, sharing the stage with speakers like Kriss Akabussi and Jack Black”
– The Industrial Society