Daniel Ritterband

Public Affairs & Marketing Speaker

Expert in marketing and branding, Daniel Ritterband is described as a communications and public affairs guru. Working with some of the top companies in the industry Daniel has the ability to demonstrate how anything is a brand. Starting his career in Saatchi & Saatchi before venturing into politics, Daniel has played a part in producing many Conservative politicians credible campaigns including Boris Johnson and David Cameron. As a keynote speaker Daniels shares his secrets for success.

Daniel worked his first political campaign in 2003 where he filled the communication role. This resulted in the election of Michael Howard MP as leader of the Conservative Party. Following an unsuccessful General Election a leadership election was triggered in 2005, consequently David Cameron reached out to Daniel to establish his candidacy and prepare a campaign team. Due to the success of the campaign Daniel played a key part in the decontamination of the Conservative brand.

By 2007 Daniel was tasked with establishing Boris Johnson as a credible candidate for Mayor of London and ran his successful 2008 campaign. He took on a general role advising the mayor with the aim to shift the public’s perceptions of Boris to a statesmanlike Mayor. Daniels talent and keen eye became very apparent, resulting in him opening up his own consultancy where he offers brand communications and public affairs advice to his clients. He worked with private clients such as governments, corporations and high profile individuals. He provided a reputation management and marketing communications service to these clients.

Daniel offers as a keynote speaker with a huge amount of unique knowledge gained from his personal experience working on some of the biggest political campaigns in the country. He can offer a huge range of insights due to his varied career within both the business sector and also political and often discusses topics such as public affairs, geopolitics and marketing.

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When at corporate events, Daniel is known to cover the following topics:

  • Public Affairs
  • Marketing Speaker
  • Digital & Online Marketing
  • Geopolitics