Professor Steve Peters

Consultant Psychiatrist & Arthor of The Chimp Paradox

Professor Steve Peters is a Consultant Psychiatrist who specialises in the functioning of the human mind. His work, past and present, in the field of psychiatry and education includes: the National Health Service (NHS) for over 20 years; Clinical Director of Mental Health Services; Clinical Director at Bassetlaw Hospital; Forensic Psychiatrist at Rampton; Senior Clinical Lecturer of Medicine at Sheffield University for over 20 years; Undergraduate Dean at Sheffield University for over 10 years; and visiting Professor at Derby University. He holds degrees, higher degrees and postgraduate qualifications in medicine, mathematics, education, medical education, sports medicine and psychiatry.  He is resident with the British Cycling Team and works within the English Institute of Sport and has had involvements with a further twelve Olympic Sports as well as England Rugby and Premier League Football. Steve was the first person Ronnie O’Sullivan thanked after winning his 5th world snooker title in 2013.

His career began with teaching Mathematics and then moved on to Medicine. He has worked in the clinical field of Psychiatry for the past twenty years culminating in working at a special hospital with patients who had severe and dangerous personality disorders. Steve has been engaged with Sheffield University as a Senior Clinical Lecturer since 1994 and is also Undergraduate Dean. He holds degrees in Mathematics, Medicine and a Masters Degree in Medical Education, also with postgraduate qualifications in Sports Medicine, Education and Psychiatry.

Professor Peters has clients across a wide range of disciplines from health and education to business and elite sport, and he also works with members of the public. In all areas, he helps people to understand how the mind works, gain insight into their own unique mind and situation, and then develop skills to optimise individual performance and quality of life.

He is a member of the Royal College and is on the question setting board for College Membership exams. He is one of a small team of doctors who assess and grant therapeutic use exemption certificates for UK Sport, which he has done for over ten years and has been an expert witness to WADA (World Anti-doping Agency). His specialist interest is in the working of the human mind and how it can reach optimum performance applied to all walks of life. Steve has been involved with public speaking to educate people into the workings of the human mind, particularly emphasising emotional management leading to optimising performance. Steve worked closely with Dave Brailsford and was critical to the extraordinary success of Team GB at the London 2012 Olympics. He has also recently worked with snooker player, Ronnie O’Sullivan, who thanked Steve for helping him to achieve his fifth World Championship Title.

Clients, past and present, include: NHS organisations, the emergency services, schools and universities, national and Olympic teams, British Cycling, GB Taekwondo, England Rugby, England Football, Liverpool Football Club, British Swimming, UK Track and Field, Sky ProCycling, Masters Golf and World Snooker.

In his best selling book, The Chimp Paradox, Steve Peters shares his mind management programme used to help elite athletes like Chris Hoy, Bradley Wiggins and Victoria Pendleton perform at their optimum level. For fun, he competes in track and field athletics and has been World Masters Champion and World Record Holder for 200 metres.

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