Indra Nooyi

CEO Of Pepsi

One of the most powerful female businesswomen on the planet, Indra Nooyi has worked at world renowned drinks brand Pepsi for over two decades and was made CEO in 2006. Born and raised in India, Indra received bachelor’s degrees in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics before moving to America to pursue a career in business.

Attending Yale School of Management, Indra undertook a masters course in Public and Private Management. Prior to joining Pepsi Indra worked at Motorola and ABB Group working on business strategy. This then led to her moving to Pepsi in 1994. Indra swiftly progressed through the company being named CFO in 2001 and then in 2006 was named the companies fifth CEO.

Indra has had a massive contribution to the companies increased profit over the years, with an increase of almost $4 billion since 2001. Her effort’s at focusing on healthier food and drink has been widely praised, and when she became CEO Indra made the decision to categorise the company’s products. Fun For You, Better For You and Good For You means that there is a section suitable for everyone.

Moving the corporate funds away from junk food and onto healthy alternatives, Indra’s aim is for all people to have a healthier lifestyle and this has even included improving the content of the ‘Fun for you’ items.

One of the most influential women on the planet, Indra can discuss all kinds of corporate and economic issues during her after-dinner speaking events. A truly inspirational individual, she can captivate all audiences and talk about her rise from southern India to the head of one of the biggest brands in the world.

Indra is hugely respected by her peers and has made the Forbes list of the world’s most influential people on no less than seven separate occasions. She is highly regarded as one of the best CEO’s in the world and her expert business insight has recently been sought out by President-elect Donald Trump as one of his economic advisors.

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When at corporate events, Indra is known to cover the following topics:

  • Retail Speaker
  • Innovative Design
  • Social Responsibility
  • Business Strategy
  • Creative Thinking
  • PepsiCo