Sir Ian McCartney

Former Labour MP & Political Speaker

Former Labour Party MP turned politics speaker Sir Ian McCartney was the Member of Parliament for Makerfield from 1987 until 2010 when he was succeeded by fellow Labour MP Yvonne Fovargue. Elected following the 1987 General Election, McCartney held various positions in the Labour Opposition including acting as the spokesman and politics speaker for Health, Employment, Education and Social Services. As well as these roles Sir Ian McCartney also led John Prescott’s campaign for Labour’s Deputy Leadership.

Following the 1997 General Election when Labour took over control of the UK government for the first time in over a decade, Sir Ian Marshall was made Minister for State for the Department of Trade and Industry and introduced a number of ground breaking employment rights legislations including paid holidays, whistleblowing protection and the National Minimum Wage. Calling himself a socialist, McCartney often appears as an after dinner speaker at employment and government policy events particularly those regarding the Post Office for which he was also responsible whilst also overseeing employment relations, Company Law and inward investments.

In 1999 Sir Ian became Minister for State at the Cabinet Office where he played an integral role in the modernisation of the British Government and creation of the E-Government, many of the innovative ideas and changes in public relations instigated by McCartney have led to positive advances in public reception and feedback to various government bodies. McCartney’s initiatives, which he discusses openly in his capacity as an after dinner speaker, have continued to progress the British government and have been used by businesses and politicians alike to develop their public image and modernise their profile.

In 2001 he became Minister of State for Pensions at the Department for Work and Pensions, and, two years later was promoted to the Cabinet as Minister without Portfolio. Sir Ian McCartney was elevated to position of politics speaker and Party Chair for the Labour Party in April 2003 and in his capacity as Chairman of the Labour Party he also acted as Chair of the National Executive Committee as well as chair of the party’s National Policy Forum. During this period Sir Ian McCartney worked to make the Party Chair a voice for MP’s within the Labour Party as well as a spokesperson and politics speaker for the party at large.

Sir Ian stepped down from the Cabinet in 2007 when Gordon Brown became Prime Minister and announced in 2009 that he would not be standing in the 2010 general election. Since his retirement Sir Ian McCartney has worked as a political after dinner speaker at a variety of events as well as frequently giving newspaper interviews and appearing on political TV shows.

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When at corporate events, Sir Ian is known to cover the following topics:

  • Labour Party Politics
  • Department of Trade
  • British Cabinet
  • Modernising Government
  • Brexit & The EU
  • Drive & Determination
  • Peak Performance