Kishan Devani


Kishan Devani is a Politician, Speaker, and International Business Consultant. He is also Global Ambassador for ABJ Group of Companies, which includes ABJ Drones & provides strategic advice to various other companies globally. He was also the Director of a Specialist SEN School, The Woodfield School, in London. He was the Lead Proposer of GATES Academy; a Free School application in London. He was the Deputy Chairman (Membership and Finance) of the Entire London Conservative Party an achievement that no one at his age has ever achieved in the Conservative Party in London.

As well as this, he was a candidate for the Greater London Assembly for the elections in 2016. Kishan was also made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Kishan has had consultancy roles within various sectors from Governance to Finance to Education.

He was recently honoured with the Freedom of the City of London making him one of the youngest BAME Freemans of London. Kishan has recently joined the Liberal Democrat Party & been appointed to the Racial Equality Working Group of the party.

Kishan has also carried out consultancy work for various Asian organisations, Forums and Societies in promoting youth engagement within politics matters of education and the youth. Kishan was awarded the Asian Achievers Gold Award 2012, in Community Service (in particular excellence in Education) at the Grosvenor House; again one for the youngest recipients of the award in its history at the age of 27.

He was also nominated and shortlisted for the Indian International Achievers Awards for Excellence in Education 2014. More recently, he was nominated for the National Diversity Awards 2014 for Positive Role Model (Race/Religion/Faith). In addition to this, he was nominated for the face of the future award at the Asian Political and Public Life Awards 2013 held at the House of Commons. He was also shortlisted for the Asian Professional Awards 2014.

In addition to this, he has been nominated for Inspiration of the Year BEAM Awards 2016. Kishan has also been heavily involved in engaging with the British Asians and has been instrumental in bringing about dialogue amongst the youth in this community. For over 10 years since leaving University, he has devoted his life to spreading the message of community cohesion within the British Asian community.

He has tirelessly spoken at universities, colleges and schools voluntarily all over the country to motivate young Asians to become a part of British Civic life, and has personally inspired hundreds of people to join charitable causes and join the fields of politics, education and social service. Voluntarily travelling to India to assist underprivileged youths and assisting with teacher training he has dedicated the prime of his life to the upliftment of those that are not as privileged.

Kishan has profoundly changed the status of The Unity of Faiths Foundation a UK Charitable Foundation, by assisting the organisation in raising the profile of the organisation by introducing individuals such as Sol Campbell and Syed Kamall MEP, to take part activities to uplift youth throughout the UK.

We as an organisation have benefitted by the connections and effort Kishan has put to highlight the immensely important work we do, in particular, the work we carry out on protecting youth from radicalisation. His work has been paramount in achieving our dreams & vision, something, which we are truly indebted to him for assisting us in. He continues to volunteer by guiding and advising the charity, in London, Leicester and internationally despite his various commitments. As an organisation, if there is one person we can rely on 365 days of the year, 24/7 it is Mr Devani.

As he was brought up in humble beginnings he has dedicated his life to giving the chances he has not got when growing up. Being the son of refugees who came from Uganda in the 1970’s, he has achieved so much in such a short time frame – despite being brought up in a single parent family. Having recently served (14’-16’) as the youngest ethnic minority to ever be elected as Deputy Chairman (Membership & Finance) of the London Conservative Party he promoted British values amongst the Asian community and inspired many to get involved with the democratic process within the UK (regardless of party political affiliation).

More recently being appointed Chief Advisor to the World Youth Organization his zeal and dedication to promoting diversity, equality and social justice have also permeated in the work he has carried out within the organization. In addition to this, his work to build bridges between the British Asians of Ugandan Origin and the Ugandan Government has been paramount to the creation of various online Ugandan British Asian Forums.

This work has been recognised by the Ugandan High Commissioner and Government at the highest level when he recently visited the Ugandan Parliament and was hosted by the Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament. He has single handily changed the perception of Uganda amongst many young British Asians of Ugandan origin, where their families had originated from.

Being the youngest recipient in history of the Asian Achievers Awards in 2012 for Community Service, Kishan has been crowned an Ambassador of the British Asian Community especially in matters of education, social integration, diversity and political engagement.

He has raised issues as both a political campaigner and as BAME community leader relating to the Hindu, Sikh, Muslim and Jewish Minority communities within the UK. He has also made tremendous efforts to promote Religious Education working voluntarily alongside the Culham St Gabriel’s Trust, the RE Council and SACRE’s all over the country. He was instrumental in shaping the GCSE Hinduism content with the Edexcel examinations board when he was a practising RE teacher

To book Kishan Devani as the politics speaker for your corporate event, function or conference, simply contact the Champions Speakers agency by emailing or by calling a booking agent directly on 0207 1010 553.

When at corporate events, Kishan is known to cover the following topics:

  • Greater London Assembly
  • Royal Society Of Arts
  • Freedom Of The City London
  • Racial Equality