Jonathan Aitken

Former Conservative MP & Political Speaker

Former MP and politics speaker Jonathan Aitken is remembered by many members of the public for the scandal that ended his prolific political career when, after more than twenty years as a member of the Conservative Party, Aitken resigned following allegations that he had violated ministerial rules.

Educated at Oxford University, Jonathan Aitken began his career as a global affairs journalist and politics speaker in London’s Fleet Street and served as a war correspondent in Vietnam, Biafra and the Middle East. Aitken made his political debut in 1974 when he became the MP for the now abolished Kent constituency Thanet East, and its replacement South Thanet.

Aitken remained on the backbench for 18 years until 1992 when he became Minster for Defence in John Major’s Conservative Government. Two years later Jonathan Aitken joined the Cabinet as politics speaker and Chief Secretary to the Treasury where he remained until his resignation. Aitken lost his seat after the Labour landslide in the 1997 General Election and a few short months later, following a well-publicised court case, pleaded guilty to perjury and was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment.

Serving seven months of his sentence Jonathan Aitken has since worked prolifically as a politics speaker, striving to shake free the shadows of his past. Aitken has worked for a number of prestigious and important Parliamentary committees and business groups and is currently a member of the UK Privy Council.

Outside his work as a politician and after dinner speaker Jonathan Aitken boasts a great deal of commercial and financial success in his own business endeavours most notably with the banking and investment group Aitken Hume Plc, of which he is Chairman. Aitken has also established a successful career as an author and has released a number of bestselling books and was awarded the International Churchill Society Prize for political biography.

Following the political scandal, Jonathan Aitken became involved in a number of charities, most notably the Christian group Christian Solidarity Worldwide. An outspoken Christian, theological themes often arise in Aitken’s work as both an author and after dinner speaker.

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When at corporate events, Jonathan is known to cover the following topics:

  • Crisis Management
  • British Politics
  • The UK Government
  • Charity Work
  • Philanthropy

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