Guy Verhofstadt


Guy Verhofstadt is the former Belgian Prime Minister and made history in becoming the countries first liberal Prime Minister in over 60 years. Guy has served as a Member of the European Parliament since 2009 and was Belgium’s 47th Prime Minister. Guy has spent the entirety of his career within politics and studied law at the University of Ghent.

His first job was as the secretary of Willy De Clercq, who at the time, was the Flemish liberal party president. Guy became the president of the party in 1982 before being elected as the Chamber of Deputies in 1985. Under Wilfried Martens, Guy became the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Budget due to his outstanding economic views.

Guy became the Prime Minister in 1999 and that year was a noticeable change within Belgium’s parliament. It was the first Belgian government to include the green party and the first Belgian government without a Christian Democratic party in 41 years. After a few successful years as Prime Minister, Guy was awarded the Vision for Europe Award</strong in 2002 due to his incredible work towards a more unified Europe.

The second of Guy’s Prime Ministerial campaign came after the general election in 2003. Guy continued to exceptionally well for Belgium as a nation and led the VLD party as the Prime Minister in 2007. Yves Leterme proceeded the Prime Minister role in 2008 after Guy had been within the role for 8 years, this bought about many changes within the Belgian government and Guy himself took up the seat of Senator.

In 2009, Guy was elected as a Member of the European Parliament and would stay within that role until 2014. Since then, Guy has served on the Committee of Constitutional Affairs and the Conference of Presidents of the European Parliament. He was named the representative for the European Parliament in regards to matters surrounding Brexit and has regularly focused on the UK and British citizens rights within the European Union.

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Watch Verhofstadt discuss the Brexit extension below: