Gerhard Schröder


Meet Gerhard Schröder; one of the most notable and best known German politicians in the world, Gerhard was the former Chancellor of Germany for almost a decade during which time he oversaw the crucial and incredibly significant political project, Agenda 2010. Renowned for being a member of Social Democratic Party of Germany or SPD as it is more often referred to, Schroder proved to be instrumental in the formation of a coalition government of the SPD and the Greens which proved to be incredibly poignant within Germany.

Not only has Gerhard excelled as a politician, the current chairman of the board of Nord Stream AG and Rosneft has also worked as a lawyer prior to working as the Chancellor and being appointed as the Prime Minister of Lower Saxony. Previously hired as a global manager by the prestigious and globally respected investment bank, Rothschild, Gerhard Schroder’s expertise has also been called upon within the sporting world where he has served as the Chairman of the Board at Hannover 96. An incredibly distinguished and respect Gerhard Schroder is available to hire as a keynote speaker for events, conferences and functions around the world through the Champions Speakers agency.

The Chancellor of Germany in 1998, Schroder oversaw the SPD-Green coalition and became the leader of the party. Throughout his campaign for Chancellor, Gerhard Schroder famously portrayed himself as a pragmatic new Social Democrat that was adamant on the importance of promoting economic growth while not only maintaining but also strengthening Germany’s generous social welfare system.

Making quite the impact within the role despite it being just his first term in the position, Schröder’s government made the incredibly significant decision to phase out nuclear power, increasing funding in renewable energies, instituting civil unions which in turn would enable same-sex partners to enter into a civil union and liberalise naturalisation law.

Working tirelessly to eliminate capital gains tax on the sale of corporate stocks, Gerhard felt the transition would thereby make the country a more attractive to foreign investors and ultimately not only support but also benefit the German economy. Nicknamed the Auto-Kanzler, which directly translates to car chancellor due to his previous role serving on the board at Volkswagen, Schroder showed a preference to pro-car policies.

Planning to resume the practice of law within Berlin following his term as Chancellor, the distinguished figure also has his sights set on writing a book and implementing plans for twin pipelines for Gazprom, Russia’s leading energy company. Having subsequently been retained by the Swiss publisher, Ringier AG in his role as a consultant, Gerhard Schroder has become a hugely successful and sought-after keynote speaker within the political sphere and is able to hire for all manner of engagements through the Champions Speakers agency.

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When at corporate events, Gerhard is known to cover the following topics:

  • German Politics & Policy
  • Brexit & The EU
  • Leadership & Teamwork
  • Drive & Determination
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Current Affairs
  • International Politics