Geoff Meade


Europe Editor of the Press Association for 35 years, Geoff Meade is no stranger to the spotlight. With an esteemed career in journalism, Geoff is not afraid of expressing his wealth of knowledge and opinions to enrich others. Being a well known and respected member of the Brussels press corps, Geoff is regularly selected to write about European issues within the media. Geoff is best known in Brussels for an evening of comedy, songs and sketches about happenings in the EU called the Press Revue.

Geoff is famous for writing about both the rise and fall of treaties, politicians, alliances, scandals and currencies. He has written for publications such as magazines E!Sharp and The Bulletin, as well as publishing his own book called All in a Day’s Shirk where he documented a number of his thoughts and experiences.

As well as his expertise in journalism, Geoff has also featured on many European TV channels, where he is a popular favourite for his very entertaining take on Europe. Another feature of his repertoire is presenting the Leaders of Europe show, a monthly show from the European Parliament. Additionally, Geoff is frequently chosen to be a moderator at European institution events and conferences. In 1988 he was also a newsreader on Good Morning Britain.

Geoff’s knowledge and commitment to journalism has been well accredited. In February 2016 he was awarded an MBE for services to the British Community in Belgium, awarded at an investiture ceremony held at Buckingham Palace. He is also the only journalist to have a plaque at the European Commission dedicated to him. The area is called Meade Corner, a section of the Commission’s Press Bar.

With over three decades in the journalism profession, it is clear that Geoff has no problem with sharing his opinions and knowledge to the public. He shares his knowledge of the misconception and maligned workings of organisations and helps to eliminate any myths surrounding them. As well as that he also looks at the various institutions, groups and nations that make up the EU and the EC and their relationships, attitudes and frustrations.

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When he’s at corporate events, Geoff is known to cover the following topics:

  • The European Union
  • Cardiff City Council
  • European Politics
  • Finance & Futurism
  • The Press Association

“He was very entertaining and gave us great insights”- CPA Associates International EMEA Limited