Donald Tusk


Perhaps best-known on British soil for his hard stance on Brexit negotiations, Donald Tusk has been the President of the European Council since 2014. In his time at the forefront of the EU, Tusk has led the rise of better economic integration between member states.

Having rose to prominence as the Prime Minister of Poland, Tusk drew praise for his commitment to ensuring warmer relations with Germany and improved communication with Moscow. Driving Poland into the conversation for entry into the Eurozone, Tusk reformed taxation, built better road networks and embarked on a streamlining reform of both the senate and the constitution in Poland.

The first leader since the communist era in Poland to be re-elected, Tusk was well-received by the people of Poland. A charismatic, forward thinking leader whose policies helped to increase foreign business ventures and encourage Polish natives to return to their birth country, he is widely praised for his commitment to unifying Europe.

This earned him election as the President of the European Council, resigning from his role as Prime Minister to pursue the new challenge. In his time at the top of the EU, Tusk has promoted and coordinated unified responses to many of the geopolitical issues that face the European Council. This includes the response to Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine and the ongoing European migrant crisis.

He would also draw a hard-line on the UK’s scheduled withdrawal from the EU, being especially critical of the UK’s negotiations on Brexit. He announced in February 2019 that the EU would “not open for renegotiation” on the withdrawal agreement penned by Theresa May’s cabinet prior to her resignation.

In 2010 he was awarded the Charlemagne Prize from the city of Aachen, for his further unification of Europe. He dedicated the award to the citizens and government officials of Poland, which included Polish president, Lech Kaczyński who died in the Polish Air Force Tu-154 crash.

A charismatic and assertive leader who has earned great praise from his peers, Donald Tusk is one of the most powerful political figures in Europe. Owing to his immense knowledge of all areas of politics, he has become a political speaker sought by organisations and institutions around the world.

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