Daniel Silke


The leading political economy analyst in South Africa, Daniel Silke is a hugely popular finance and futurist speaker who focuses on global change, volatility and the future of the world. Best-known for being the Director of the Political Futures Consultancy, Silke has established himself as one of the most valued voices in his field of expertise.

With a masters degree in South African and International Politics from the University of Cape Town, Daniel started his career as a tutor and researcher for the university’s Institute for the Study of Public Policy, Department of Political Studies before serving as the City Councillor of Cape Town for two years. He was elected as a Member of Parliament in 1997, adding a further four years to his time as a member of the publicly elected office. He faced a total of three elections before leaving in 2001 to become the Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee of Economic Affairs.

Throughout his career, Daniel has served on Cape Town’s Economic Development Portfolio Committee. He has also become a regular visiting lecturer for numerous high-profile universities including Robert Morris University, Lynn University and St. Mary’s University.

In 2013, Silke joined GLG consultancy offering his political and economic expertise to over 1,400 corporations worldwide. He focuses on African and global trends as well as BRIC countries, urbanisation and geo-politics to give an insight and extensive understanding to businesses looking to develop.

Launching his own consultancy in 2001, Daniel is now a regular speaker for Political Futures Consultancy. He uses his platform to deliver compelling and targeted presentations at events and conventions surrounding Global, African and South African political and economic issues by discussing global change, economic and social trends.

As a valued voice in global politics, Daniel released his first major publication Tracking the Future: Top Trends that will Shape South Africa and the world in 2011. He is also a guest commentator on South Africa’s news programmes and speaks on a whole host of radio stations including the BBC and Radio France Internationale.

He remains an academic speaker for a number of American Universities where he lectures and discusses current global political affairs. He has also spoken at many major conferences including the Financial Planners Association and the South Palm Beach series.

A highly-regarded and respected figure within global politics, Daniel Silke is available to book as a keynote speaker via the Champions Speakers Agency. With his long-spanning career and years of experience, Silke is considered a leader in consulting corporations of all sizes looking to further their understanding of political and economic issues.

To book Daniel Silke as the keynote speaker for your corporate event, function or conference, simply contact the Champions Speakers agency using the contact details below.

When at corporate events, Daniel is known to discuss the following topics:

  • Global Politics
  • African & Global Trends
  • Finance & Futurism

Watch Daniel being interviewed at Africa Oil Week, here:

“Daniel delivered 2 excellent keynotes to a multicultural audience of accounting and audit firm partners. His presentations cannot be more up-to-date with references to events and press clips of the day. His understanding of the world geopolitics and his analysis are outstanding. Despite the seriousness of its subject, Daniel’s sense of humor made these 2 one-hour addresses a fun part of our event.”

“Daniel was exceptional! His knowledge and analysis were outstanding!”

“Daniel was an absolute pleasure to deal with. So charming and easy to get along with. His presentation was phenomenal and exceeded our greatest expectations and clearly those of the delegates. The feedback from our guests was over-whelming, citing an entertaining and very engaging experience. Thank you once again for providing an excellent service.”
– Allan, Jersey Finance