Alastair Campbell

Spokesman for Tony Blair and key Political figure

Alastair Campbell is a British journalist, author, politics speaker and broadcaster, although he is best known for being a political aide to the Labour Party. Renowned for his work as Director of Communications and Strategy for Tony Blair between 1997 and 2003, he was given the nickname of ‘Spin Doctor’ in UK modern politics. Alastair molded the entirety of the party’s media to best appeal to the public, fighting for every comma and exclamation mark in order to create the very best version of each story in print and television media.

Working alongside Peter Mandelson, Alastair coordinated Labour’s campaign for the 1997 election. Working hard to gain national media support, the pair managed to gain the backing of many once anti-Labour papers, including The Sun, once a staunch Thatcherite paper. Tony Blair and the Labour party won a landslide victory, toppling a Conservative government that had stood for 18 years in different forms.

Alastair Campbell Public Speaking

Alastair left the party in 2003, but returned to work for the organization during the 2005 UK election, once again playing an advisory role and assisting with the victory that ensued. Sir Clive Woodward recruited his services during the time as well to manage relations between the press and the British and Irish Lions Squad during their tour to New Zealand. His vast knowledge and experiences of public relations make him an ideal conference and event host, whilst his after dinner and keynote speeches also make wonderful additions to an event, focusing on media, politics, communications, strategy and change.

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“Controversial, thought-provoking and highly entertaining, Alastair gave a refreshingly candid insight into past and present political leaders and events that captivated our guests.” – Ernst & Young

“This forthright journalist, broadcaster and author has provided my clients with fascinating, entertaining and memorable insights into the world of politics and journalism at the very highest level.”– Paul Smith, Managing Director, Paul Smith Associates 

“He set out to carefully tailor his insights to a largely creative audience, and his anecdotes were told with the ease of a master storyteller.” – Charlie Mawer, Exec Creative Director, Red Bee Media