Steve Beckles-Ebusua


Having begun his career as an engineer, Steve Beckles-Ebusua worked for the film company AGFA UK, and while in this role he struggled to find a sense of purpose and his ‘why’ in life. Consequently, this had a detrimental effect on his career and his personal life. It resulted in divorce and a bout of severe depression. Like a lot of people, he had lost all sense of direction. Then one cold January morning he woke up and experienced a satori, the Japanese word for ‘awakening’.

Steve now fondly calls this his ‘orange moment’, when he understood that for things to change, he had to change. He adopted the colour orange and its qualities to take him out of his mindset, and he realised he had to dispel all his self-defeating beliefs and habits in order to move forward in his life. Steve is now a successful speaker and owner of a training company that delivers soft skills to companies across the UK.

His expertise lies in helping people overcome the self-defeating beliefs and habits that are holding them back from reaching their full potential. He accomplishes this by challenging beliefs and mindsets and developing a leadership growth mindset.

He has been studying the science of beliefs, habits and mindsets for two decades and has written several books on self-defeating habits, including Conquering the Fear of Change. Barclays Bank featured Steve as their lead life skills facilitator and speaker in their TV marketing campaign. As an international speaker, coach, corporate trainer and Amazon Top 10 best-selling author, he has transformed thousands of lives over more than twenty years. Whether speaking in Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston or in Austria, Cyprus, Germany, Spain or Switzerland, his message is clear.

‘All leadership starts with self- leadership’.

Steve’s keynote Don’t believe everything you think focuses on the power of our beliefs and how they affect our perceptions, and how self-limiting beliefs prevent us from reaching our full potential. His interaction with the audience is legendary as he brings out the best in participants through visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles. His 3-2-1 technique to inspire positive action has proved a great success with the many corporate organisations he has delivered to.

In May 2016, he spoke on self-belief at the Habitutde Warriors Conference in Houston alongside speakers from the USA. He also speaks at the International Schools in Switzerland, Germany and Vienna. He spoke on the importance of leadership to managers from Rado Ltd on the yacht Aquila in Spain in October 2017.

Steve delivers workshops for the Young Presidents in Aigle, Switzerland, and at Village Camps in Zell am See, Austria. In November 2016, he spoke in San Francisco, Dallas and Boston in 2017 he spoke at the Habitude Warrior Conference events. In September 2017 he had an event named after him at Essex University: The Orange Tie Event. This was sponsored by Stoke by Nayland Focus School.

A figure that has an incredibly fascinating story to share, Steve has overcome adversity, challenges and hardship to redirect his life and excel within the world of self-help, personal development and motivation. Having travelled the world to become a high profile, revered and globally acclaimed practitioner and speaker, Steve Beckles-Ebusua’s demand has continually risen. An extremely successful author, teacher and leadership expert that can helped any individual or business to transform their fortunes and life, Steve is an exceptional motivational speaker that is available to hire for all manner of events through the Champions Speakers Agency no matter how big or small.

To book Steve Beckles-Ebusua as the motivational speaker for your corporate event, function or conference, simply contact the Champions Speakers agency by emailing or by calling a booking agent directly on 0207 1010 553.

“Steve, thanks for coming and bringing fresh energy to the team, ready to finish 2017 well and go into 2018 with renewed enthusiasm!” – Donovan, Polarseal Ltd

“Always a pleasure working with Steve Beckles-Ebusua. His delivery is always on-message and leaves everyone thinking about their habits, and the power of changing the way you look at something.” – Alex, Campus Living Villages UK

“I always go into these things with an open mind but rarely feel like I’ve benefited from attending. Yesterday was the first time I’ve come away from listening to a motivational speaker and felt not only genuinely inspired but also with loads to think about! Thanks, Steve – it was a great afternoon.”- Andy, Sayfa Systems UK Ltd

“Steve, I wanted to thank you for your presentation – very engaging and some brilliant points to ‘take away’. The one I particularly enjoyed is the 3-2-1 rule, which I can certainly put to use in creating good habits!” – Dean, Valley Landscape Projects Ltd

“It was a great morning, Steve Beckles-Ebusua. We’d like to see you at SafeAid LLP in the near future. If you want a free pair of orange boots you’d be very welcome! Great for site talks.” – Richard, SafeAid Ltd

“We had an awesome day listening to Steve motivating and inspiring our staff. He was able to capture the audience and help them in laughing and learning.” – Roy, SAYFA Systems