Marcus du Sautoy


Former President of the Mathematical Association, Marcus Du Sautoy is a British mathematician and author. Best known for his work popularising mathematics and appearances across both radio and television. Writing for The Times and The Guardian, Marcus has also made a name for himself across BBC Radio 4 and as a presenter of BBC 4’s Mind Games. Marcus is one of the best keynote speakers with a wealth of unique insights, The Independent on Sunday named him as one of the UK’s leading scientists.

Marcus attended Wadham College, Oxford where he was awarded a first class honours degree in Mathematics. In 1991 he went on to complete a doctorate in mathematics on analytic groups, discrete groups and Poincaré series this was supervised by Dan Segal.

In December 2006, Marcus delivered the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures under the collective title The Num8er My5teries. The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures have been held yearly at the Royal Institution since 1825, missing 1939 to 1942 due to the Second World War. It consists of a series of lectures on a single topic. Marcus lecture in 2006 was only the third time the subject had been surrounded around mathematics, the first occasion had been in 1978 delivered by Erik Christopher Zeeman . Marcus had attended this as an inspired school boy.

Marcus contributes to mathematics in various ways from his numerous academic articles and books such as The Num8er My5teries to being on the advisory board of the online maths game website, He also appears alongside Dar Ó Brian on television series, School of Hard Sums. The concept behind this programme is for Marcus to set three mathematical questions that have real world applications for Ó Brian and a guest to solve.

Marcus is one of the best keynote speakers in his field and is a regular TEDx speaker. He delivers visual and engaging presentations offering insights into the science of crytography and the maths that lies behind it. Marcus also explores why lateral thinking is so important in order to look at things in a new way and how mathematics can help to predict the future.

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When Marcus is at corporate events, he is known to cover the following topics:

  • Mathematics
  • Drive & Determination
  • Teaching & Presenting
  • Understanding Statistics
  • Dealing With Pressure
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • The Science of Cryptography
  • The Importance of Lateral Thinking
  • How Maths Can Predict The Future