Liz Fuller

The Beauty Queen With Brains

Liz Fuller is a motivational speaker and public figure with a varied and impressive history. Beginning her career as a stage actress Fuller has gone on to work as a model, after dinner speaker, be crowned Miss Great Britain International, rebrand and reinvigorate the beauty pageant industry as well as working as a TV presenter and guest speaker on a variety of television broadcasts.

Starting out in theatre and musical theatre Fuller has used her own experience as an actress and model to help inform the purchase and later development of the Miss Great Britain franchise; her work as an entrepreneur and business speaker demonstrate that behind the beauty lies an ambitious and sharp intellect.

Liz not only works as a motivational speaker for women and young teens but also as a business speaker, the way in which she brought the once ailing British modelling firm Miss Great Britain back to life, and premiering as a centre piece for Spun Gold TV, marks her as both a great role model and astute business woman.

Despite selling the Miss Great Britain brand, after raising it back up to become one of the most high profile and star studded events of the modelling calendar, Liz continues to be involved in the beauty pageant industry; her work as a motivational speaker helps encourage young women to become involved in pageantry, helping to raise their confidence and self esteem, whilst her work as an after dinner speaker is helping to raise the profile of the industry at large.

Further complimenting her work as a motivational speaker Liz has hosted and presented series that further highlight the positive impact of beauty pageantry; the series, ASBO Teen to Beauty Queen, showed audiences how the training for and status that comes with beauty pageantry can help troubled and disadvantaged teens rediscover their potential.

Liz is very proud of both her achievements and those of the young women she has worked with and, as a motivational speaker, speaks fondly of her experiences within the modelling industry. Offering further proof of her status as a role model and experienced motivational speaker Liz Fuller is also known for mentoring aspiring beauty queen Lisa Lazarous all the way to Miss UK and Miss Universe.

Outside her work as a business speaker and pageant expert, Liz Fuller dedicates a great deal of her time to charity work, she has worked to raise money for cancer research charities, including taking part in a sponsored walk with celebrities Olivia Newton-John and Dannii Minogue to raise 15K for charity.

To book Liz Fuller as the motivational speaker for your corporate event, function or conference, simply contact the Champions Speakers agency by emailing or by calling a booking agent directly on 0207 1010 553.

When at corporate events, Liz is known to cover the following topics:

  • Beauty Pageantry
  • Acting & Drama
  • Personal Motivation
  • Overcoming Adversity