LCpl Matthew Croucher GC


Lance Corporal Matthew Croucher is a Royal Marine who as awarded the highest gallantry award, The George Cross, when he risked his life in order to save his comrades during a hand grenade attack by enemy forces in Afghanistan. An inspiring character, Matthew is a wonderful motivational speaker and a perfect example of bravery no matter the consequences.

On sight of the grenade, Matt had under seven seconds to decide upon his actions, instinctively choosing to save his friends by jumping on top of the explosive device. This act of heroism was recognised by Matthew becoming only the 74th living recipient of The George Cross. As Matthew recounts this situation as an after dinner speaker, the manner in which he describes his thought process highlights his bravery and amazing actions under intense pressure – “it was a case of either having four of us as fatalities or badly wounded or one”.

To save his comrades, Matthew used his backpack, containing a 66mm rocket, to shield himself from the blast and the lethal shrapnel fragments that result. Matt dodged death and only suffered a nose bleed, perforated ear drums and some disorientation, continuing with his patrol despite medics recommending treatment. Matthew’s hugely impressive ability to make incredibly hard decisions with huge consequences can be related to all walks of business or personal life, making Matt a highly sought after motivational speaker.

Matt interacts any audience as a motivational speaker with humour and charm, his admirable values and beliefs make him a fascinating and captivating after dinner speaker. It is not only his bravery, which saw him awarded The George Cross, but also his experience as a Royal Marine that makes Matt an authority on leadership, motivation, teamwork and thinking clearly and quickly under pressure.

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When at corporate events, Lance Corporal Croucher is known to cover the following topics:

  • Conquering Fear
  • Leadership
  • Pressure
  • Teamwork

“This is one of the most astonishing stories of bravery we’ve ever had the privilege to tell on Pride of Britain.”   Carol Vorderman

“What can I say, he’s an inspiration.”   Richard Hammond

“Matt Croucher’s bravery shows why we should all be in awe of our Armed Forces” –  Jeremy Clarkson

“He acted to save his comrades in the most certain knowledge that he would not himself survive” –  Sir Jock Stirrup, Head of the Defence Staff

“I’m not surprised that any serviceman is brave, that’s what we hope we will all be when tested. But this was obviously an exceptional occasion, in an exceptional set of conditions, which marked him out as the very bravest.” –  Admiral Sir Jonathan Band

“This is the most extraordinary example of bravery I’ve ever heard of, I was a Soldier myself and that’s where the resemblance between Matt and I finishes.”   Sir Michael Caine