Katie Piper


Katie Piper is an English activist, writer, philanthropist, presenter, and motivational speaker available for hire through the Champions Speakers agency. Katie is an inspiration to the nation and has overcome incredible adversity in her quest to address the concerns of body image and beauty ideals.

Piper was born in Andover, Hampshire and trained as a beautician. She had a passion for fashion after seeing her father work as a barber. Piper branched out into modelling with appearances in various glamour, promotional, and fashion shoots. Alongside this work Piper entered competitive beauty pageants coming second runner-up in Miss Winchester 2006 and even featured in Maxim magazine’s Little Black Book contest.

Piper began promoting events working as a ring-card girl at sporting events. After meeting David Lynch her life was never the same. After dating briefly, Piper was attacked with sulphuric acid by Stefan Sylvestre on Lynch’s orders. Piper sustained severe burns to her face and was blinded in her left eye before being rushed to hospital.

The brave Piper went through a total of 40 operations, was in an induced coma for 12 days and her weight dropped to a shocking 38 kg. Led by Dr. Mohammad Ali Jawad, this operation was the first of its kind to be performed in a single operation. Piper had to wear a face mask for 23 hours a day and her mother, Diane, left her job to care for her daughter full-time.

Piper turned adversity into opportunity founding the Katie Piper Foundation to support scar and burn victims as well as promote the postoperative treatment that allowed Katie to return to a normal life. The Katie Piper Foundation is supported by famous patrons like Simon Cowell and Simon McCabe and brings to light the plight of burn victims. An incredible cause it has raised the profile of modern treatments helping thousands.

Piper chose to waive her anonymity following the attack in a selfless move to promote the awareness of burn victims. She took part in Channel 4’s documentary Katie: My Beautiful Face for over 3.3 million viewers. Piper went on to national and international broadcast to promote her foundation and raise awareness about burn victims appearing on a variety of shows including; Live from Studio Five, Woman’s Hour, BBC Breakfast, This Morning, CNN and Australia’s 60 Minutes.

Piper has gone on to perform on a wide range of radio and television broadcasts as a guest and host including Katie: The Science of Seeing Again, Bodyshockers, The Secret Millions, and Hotel GB.

Piper recorded her experience in her autobiography Beautiful. Following its success she went on to write a series of self-help books aimed at survivors. This incredible motivational speaker is a national hero and the perfect speaker at your corporate event, dinner, or function. Book her now to impress and astound your guests.

To book Katie Piper as the motivational speaker for your corporate event, function or conference, simply contact the Champions Speakers agency by emailing agent@championsukplc.com or by calling a booking agent directly on 0207 1010 553.

When at corporate events, Katie is known to cover the following topics:

  • Trauma
  • Personal Development
  • Self Confidence