John Dabrowski

Former England Basketball Player, Author and Expert on Mental Resilience

Often most of the finest motivational speakers in the world will have stories to tell, the challenges they overcame, or the adventures that changed their lives. John Dabrowski’s story is quite inspiring, starting when he was at school, often he was criticised and chosen last to be on the basketball team; however, he continued and persisted, training until he was worthy of playing for England in the Commonwealth Games.

Most motivational speakers are motivational, solely because they refused to accept things on the outcome others decided for them; did people think that John would ever play professional basketball? No, but he did. However, John had a secret up his sleeve – mental conditioning.

Playing basketball from the age of 12, he ultimately ended up playing across Europe living his dream – and even setting a few records along the way. He to this day credits his success to his mental focus; hence, he is a Peak Performance coach with a strong emphasis on mental resilience.

Sadly, his career was brought to a crashing halt following an unfortunate back injury, which left him with no path back into the sport and he was forced to take up a position managing the Sunderland Basketball Club, and later the Manchester Giants. During his time working at a managerial level, he discovered a hidden talent for sales and marketing.

With this revelation, John left basketball and went on to enter the sales world, working for Metro Radio Station as the regional sales executive, flying through the ranks and upwards to regional sales manager hitting every target possible. Over the next two decades, he worked for several advertising agencies honing his sales and marketing techniques.

If you are still wondering why John calls himself a mind coach? He recently qualified as a Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner.
John now operates Mental Resilience and Sales courses around the country, with the aim of inspiring people to train their mental focus.

Mental focus is actually one of the biggest components to peak performance, and it is no surprise that John offers coaching to some of the UK’s biggest directors. With a thriving speaking career including talks for the Rotary Club Convention, BBC Radio and has even been interviewed on TV. He speaks at various events inspiring people with his stories and techniques.

He has developed his speaking skills over the past few years speaking worldwide in locations such as Dubai, Finland, Malta, San Diego, Washington DC, and Switzerland as well as the UK with NatWest Bank and Rolls Royce.

To book John Dabrowski as the motivational speaker for your corporate event, function or conference, simply contact the Champions Speakers agency by emailing or by calling a booking agent directly on 0207 1010 553.

When at corporate events, John is known to cover the following topics:

  • Peak Performance
  • Mind Coaching
  • Drive & Determination
  • UK Basketball
  • Mental Resilience

Get a taste for what John is like at corporate events, below:

See what people had to say about John, when he appeared at their corporate events:

“It was a pleasure to participate in John’s presentation on mental resilience. The Hilton corporate HR group in McLean, Virginia, USA enjoyed the presentation very much and appreciated the helpful, practical examples and reminders on how to build mental resilience!” – Kimo Kippen, Vice President, Global Workforce Initiatives, Hilton, USA 

“John is an amazing speaker and he shared remarkable techniques on how to develop Mental Resilience. The human mind is a powerful tool and ‘Mental Resilience’ is a power practice, which helps us remain committed and accomplish our goals in life.”– Ms. Sangeeta Tewar, Human Resources Manager, British University in Dubai, UA

“We really liked his story-telling skills, the clever use of media (short films, PowerPoint and interactive practice sessions) and the humoristic tone of his talk. The audience was enthused and ready to change their mindset! After the event we received really good feedback from the participants and, as evidence of his success, John ran out of books to sign!“Marie Gow, Department for International Trade, British Embassy Switzerland

“On the back of a client recommendation the bank invited John Dabrowski to speak at the 2016 Legal Conference series hosted in London, Edinburgh and Manchester. John delivered a powerful, energetic and insightful presentation on developing mental resilience.” – Steve Arundale, Head of Commercial Professional Sectors, RBS / NatWest Bank, UK

“Listening to John reminded me about the importance of wellbeing. His examples and anecdotes from his life made me realise we are all on a very similar journey. The sooner we learn how to live better and healthier, the better for our work and personal lives. John’s examples were simple yet so powerful. John, thank you for a fantastic and eye-opening talk.”– Marta Zaremba-Marsden, IT Project Manager, Rolls-Royce plc, UK

“He taught us techniques on mental resilience, staying positive and also how to relax. Feedback from staff was overwhelmingly positive – he’s an engaging guy with a fantastic story. I would not hesitate to recommend John as an inspirational speaker.” – Douglas Barrett, Director for Trade and Investment, British Embassy, Abu Dhabi

“John was hired as the keynote speaker at the East Yorkshire Business Expo – and what a great choice he turned out to be. “John is a genius, with an intuitive understanding of humour and human nature. He’s a master of the platform, and a great motivator and leader. He’s funny, friendly, inspirational and totally engaging.” – Nic Gough, MD and Event Organiser, East Yorkshire Expo, UK

“The April Business Growth Dinner achieved quite a coup in attracting world class speaker, John Dabrowski. The attendees were thoroughly enlightened – and entertained – with John’s tips on how to develop mental toughness using techniques which top sports performers have used for years, and how they can be applied to business. ‘This was an excellent evening, with one of the most impressive speakers I have heard in some time.” – Sharon Beck, Managing Partner, Taylor Bracewell Solicitors, UK