Fiona Murden

Business Psychologist, Author & Keynote Speaker

Esteemed author, behavioural psychologist and keynote speaker, Fiona Murden, is available to book for a wide range of events. A thought-leader in her field, she has worked with some of the most prominent business owners in the country, helping them to understand the psychology of business success. She also inspires an improved perspective in the general public with her writing, publishing numerous books on behaviour. Fiona is passionate and eloquent in equal parts, making her presentations both entertaining and incredibly insightful.

Fiona believes that psychology should be at the forefront of our daily lives, valuing the benefits of truly understanding the motives behind people’s behaviour. The key to a healthy and more fulfilled life, psychology can positively influence the way that we see each other, and the strength of our interpersonal relationships. As a speaker, Fiona discusses such topics in length, expanding upon her novels. She advises business owners on the positive behavioural changes that they can make to better impact their employees productivity and wellbeing. Fiona explores sometimes complex subjects cleary, inviting her audience to understand a field of study only few are privileged to.

On top of being a respected psychologist, Fiona is also a well-loved author, having published such titles as Defining You and various medical papers. Released in 2018, her novel was met with critical acclaim, and led to her being interviewed by the likes of Forbes, Psychologies Magazine, Red Magazine and the BBC. Additionally, Fiona co-authored Making Better Decisions: How understanding our psychology can stop us falling into the bias trap, which was used to impact the political decisions made by election campaigners. In her chapter, The Brains Behind Business: Cutting Edge Neuroscientific Research and its Application to Business Psychology, she applied her knowledge of behaviour to the business industry.

As a speaker, Fiona is highly regarded for her lively, bubbly, inviting attitude. She encourages her audience to fully embrace the topic of behavioural psychology, ultimately making a true impact on their lives. Specialising in education, she uses her Bachelor of Science in Psychology, a Business Masters and a Master of Science in Psychology to improve the educational standards for the next generation.

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When at corporate events, Fiona is known to cover the following topics:

  • Leadership
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Peak Performance
  • Team Work
  • Workplace Culture, Communication & Cohesion
  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Business Psychology
  • Change Management