Dave Cornthwaite

Record-Breaking Adventurer

Writer, filmmaker, explorer and motivational speaker Dave Cornthwaite is a Guinness World Record holder and adventurer who has been travelling the globe for over a decade making his first expedition to Africa as part of a gap year charitable excursion which provided teachers for underprivileged children.

Having caught the exploration bug early on Dave Cornthwaite continued to travel and explore throughout his University years and in 2006 he made his first professional expedition as the first person to skateboard the length of England, from John O’Groats to Lands’ End.

Dave has continued to travel and work as a professional explorer and motivational speaker from this point, including a second skateboarding expedition, less than two months after completing the UK tour where he travelled 3618 miles across Australia. He currently holds the world record for the only person to skate such a distance across Australia.

His various expeditions have inspired Dave not only to author a number of books about his experiences but also share his insights and knowledge with audiences as a motivational and after dinner speaker; hoping to encourage others into extreme sports Dave has appeared as a motivational speaker across the UK at both private and corporate events as well as at charitable and educational events. His work as a motivational speaker has brought him into contact with a variety of audiences and also helped to raise the profile of and funding for his future excursions.

Most recently Cornthwaite has been working on a project of his own creation, Expedition1000 which he expects to take more than a decade to complete; Cornthwaite intends to make 25 separate journeys of 1000 miles or more without the use of motorised transportation.

Dave has also undertaken a vast number of other expeditions and adventure based projects, many of which raised £1000’s for various charities, he has used many of these projects as the background for his books, after dinner speaker presentations and documentary series and, in 2011, he embarked on the 1000 Photos project where he took a self-portrait once a day for 1000 days culminating in a collection of pictures of Cornthwaite on his various adventures across the globe.

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