Captain Robert Lawrence MC


Captain Robert Lawrence MC’s story as a motivational speaker is so remarkable that the BBC commissioned a film – Tumbledown, portraying Robert’s story, inspiring 10 million viewers whilst revealing the harsh nature and brutality of the Falklands War. A wonderful personality on the after dinner speaker circuit, Robert’s compelling story and invaluable advice is sure to guarantee success for your event.

Robert Lawrence joined the Army in 1977, after completing his Sandhurst training, he was deployed with the Scots Guards. His early army career saw him serve in Belfast and qualifying as a jungle warfare instructor in Brunei. Robert’s life changed forever during the final assault of Mount Tumbledown, East Falklands. In the moment of victory Robert was shot directly in the head by an Argentinian sniper. Close to death, he lay in the mountaintop snow for six hours before being airlifted to a makeshift operating theatre with no painkillers.

A shocking story of rehabilitation, Robert is a leading authority on wartime struggle and recovery after extensive trauma as an after dinner speaker. Robert miraculously recovered after being wheelchair bound for two years. Today, the most visible signs of his injuries are a slight limp and a paralysed left arm. Robert’s bravery in battle and recovery saw him recognised with The Military Cross (MC).

Robert’s highly inspirational story as a motivational speaker is one that needs to be heard to be believed. His amazing recovery and strength of mind is an extraordinary tale of overcoming adversity that will captivate audiences. Robert now spends a large proportion of his time working in charitable organisations in order to provide extensive rehabilitation for soldiers. He now runs Global Adventure Plus, which works to provide British ex-servicemen with expeditions to foreign countries, including India, Africa and the Artic.

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When at corporate events, Robert is known to cover the following topics:

  • Motivational Speaker
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Thinking Clearly Under Pressure
  • Succeeding Whatever the Costs
  • Medical Recovery
  • Military Speaker
  • Recuperation