Bryony Gordon

Popular Author & Journalist

A famous British journalist, Bryony Gordon has had success wherever she has been. Owing to her talent and drive, she has been able to accrue writing roles at some of the most prestigious British publications. Today, she balances writing with her work as a leading inspirational and motivational speaker perfect for your event.

Having arrived on the scene pre-millenium as an intern at the Daily Express, it wasn’t long before her sporadic feature writing turned into a regular Sunday Express column, capturing the essence of youth. By 2000, this saw the Daily Telegraph take notice and she supplied their teen supplement from then on. Already a burgeoning name in the field, Bryony picked up more and more opportunities, joining The 3AM Girls gossip column at the Daily Mirror.

By 2007 she had written thousands of columns for the Daily Telegraph and featured hundreds of celebrities and public figures in her articles. Her work brought her a Young Journalist of the Year award at the British Press Awards in 2007 and from there she garnered an even greater reputation.

The feature writer and columnist has proven herself ever since as one of the most compelling writers in publishing. Writing true-to-life pieces that resonate with her audiences, Bryony has found herself a loyal fanbase that has grown up reading her material. From her whirlwind twenties to her more balanced thirties, Bryony’s writing has matured alongside her to make her one of the most invigorating, inspiring and punchy writers of modern times. Presenting views on current affairs and popular culture through her own lens as well as exploring others, Bryony is able to grip readers as well as any other journalist of the past two decades.

Alongside her regular columns, Bryony has had major success with two books designed to shed light on issues such as OCD and drug dependency. Her first book, The Wrong Knickers: A Decade of Chaos was published in 2014. It was a collection of stories from her ‘crazy’ twenties, in which she drank, took drugs and chased a materialistic and hedonistic lifestyle at an alarming pace. The book gained widespread acclaim and set her up for a second.

Two years later in June 2016, Mad Girl was published, a memoir about OCD, alopecia, bulimia and drug dependency – the diseases and issues that plagued her twenties and still trouble her today. The book was vital in popular culture, helping to shine a new light on today’s mental health challenges. Due in part to the success of her book and the influence she has earned in the field, she became a mental health keynote speaker after beginning her Mad World podcast in 2017. Her regular and inspiring podcasts were commended and even featured an interview with mental health advocate Prince Harry.

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When at corporate events, Bryony is known to cover the following topics:

  • Journalism & Reporting
  • The Daily Express
  • Publishing & Authoring
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing

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“She was fantastic, such a good speaker and very well received. I’m a huge fan!!” – JessieHogan Lovells International LLP