Benedict Allen


British born explorer Benedict Allen has travelled to some of the most exotic and remote locales in the world, lived in some of the most obscure locations and ventured through some of the most dangerous climates ever explored. Back in the safety of the UK Allen works as a motivational speaker at fundraising events as well as appearing at after dinner speaker events where he ruminates on his experiences and adventures around the globe.

Benedict’s work as a motivational speaker details the knowledge he has gained from the various indigenous people he has lived amongst, and telling stories of the time he spent in the Amazon, Papua New Guinea, the Gobi desert to name but a few, his attempt to cross the Bering Straits and summiting a mountain glacier in Iceland.

Benedict’s personal anecdotes are humorous and entertaining, the stories of his close shaves with death and encounters with a variety of amazing and ferocious wild animals are filled with tension and intrigue and make him an ideal choice for after dinner speaker.

Benedict Allen also discusses survival techniques in his work as a motivational speaker and at personally lead seminars, modelling his own interactions with the various people and communities living around the world on the work of other legendary explorers such as Laurens van der Post and naturalist Peter Matthiessen Benedict Allen observes the rituals and behaviour of each community he visits and uses their existing knowledge to inform his explorations.

As such Benedict has incorporated a number of unusual and unorthodox methods in his exploration and, shares these new ideas with audiences at his seminars and motivational speaker events. As well as working as an after dinner speaker Benedict has written a number of books and appeared in, as well as presenting, a number of television series all of which give a further insight into his work as an explorer.

He has written and contributed to more than ten books and appeared in both documentaries and on reality TV and entertainment programmes. Benedict has been contributing to the media for more than two decades and has established himself as a popular speaker at both live events and on radio and television.

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“We were enthralled by Benedict’s keynote presentation at the conference. Benedict scored by far the highest marks of all the presenters. He was described as inspirational, an excellent spirit lifter.” –UK Marketing Manager, Progress Software Ltd

When he’s at corporate events, Benedict is known to cover the following topics:

  • Motivational Speaker
  • Endurance
  • Survival Techniques
  • World Exploration
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Personal Development