Alex Alley

Inspirational Speaker, World Champion Sailor & Author

Round the world Yachtsman and motivational speaker Alex Alley, is a world champion sailor known for his work as a sportsman, author and business speaker. Co-author of From Boat to Boardroom, Alex has combined his impressive career as a sportsman with an extensive knowledge of teamwork and leadership to develop engaging presentations as an after dinner speaker.

Cleverly drawing comparisons between the boating and business worlds Alex has developed a number of nautical related business metaphors that help to make his presentations memorable and interesting. Alex has been applauded for his work as a motivational speaker, his innovative content mark him as a truly inspirational business speaker and his success in the world of business motivation has brought him before some of the most important senior members and managers of businesses in the UK.

Alex brings videos that give audiences a close up look at life as a racing yachtsman, the intense mental and physical work required to successfully captain a boat under the multiple pressures of extreme weather, extended periods of isolation, sickness and claustrophobia is recognisable to those who have spent many a stress-filled and fruitless hour in boardrooms, conferences and meetings.

By tying these two seemingly different worlds together, Alex Alley gives a fresh insight into peer and employee motivation, at after dinner speaker events Alex is often called upon to demonstrate how, even in the most unpleasant of situations, perseverance and encouragement continue to bring out the best in oneself and their team. It is the amalgamation of all aspects of Alex’s sporting and personal life that make him such an impressive and insightful peak performance speaker.

Building on the nautical theme, Alex Alley not only presents as a motivational speaker but also runs interactive workshops where he demonstrates how the theories applied to winning his numerous yacht races can also be helpful in achieving success in the business world. His work as a peak performance speaker ties together both the lessons learnt from competitive sports and business success and provides his clients with an insight into how to motivate both themselves and their team.

Additionally, Alex has recently set a new world-record that is a remarkable achievement for anybody. Just after 5:30 on Monday the 2nd of January, Alex crossed the Royal Yacht Squadron start-line off Cowes to begin an attempt to set the Solo Round the Island Record. After an astonishing 6 hours, 20 minutes and 32 seconds, Alex crossed the line again to established a new record.

To book Alex Alley as the keynote speaker for your corporate event, function or conference, simply contact the Champions Speakers agency by emailing or by calling a booking agent directly on 0207 1010 553.

See what people had to say about Alex when he appeared at their corporate events:

“Alex has the most extraordinary leadership skills. He has an innate way of understanding what is required to motivate the team at any given moment with his unending optimism and energy. Alex has my enormous respect. I have lead teams and facilitated large groups and have never seen it done better.”Sharon Callaghan, Manager British Airways Executive Club

“(Alex’s) presentation style is impressive, a mix of adventure stories, hardship, success, setback and the one over riding message that you should never, ever, give up. Alex was an inspiration to our team, and whatever challenges we face there was motivation and techniques to help succeed for all of us.”John Mobly, Managing Director, Newnet plc

“Alex was an enthusiastic and engaging speaker, bringing to life the trials and tribulations of the Global Challenge. His talk was very interesting with some great stories and anecdotes. Moreover, he made it relevant to our business need with the theme of “challenge” cleverly interwoven into his talk. The group found him very motivational and took away some useful learning’s. A terrific speaker who can be highly recommended.”Commercial Analytics Team, GSK