Alain Goudsmet

Belgian Sports & Business Coach Founder & Director Of 'Mentally Fit Institute'

With over 20 years of industry knowledge, public speaker Alain Goudsmet is a booking opportunity not to be missed. An expert in the psychological and physical study, specialising in topics like mental, emotional, individual and collective performance, he uses his knowledge of sport and business to benefit companies.

Since 1966, Alain has been regarded as one of the top consultants for corporate leaders due to his commitment to maximising success. Having founded the Mentally Fit Institute in 1996, he has honed his knowledge of psychological capabilities and encouraged the collaboration of scientists and specialists in the field of human potential – these include doctors, psychologists, nutritionists and mental coaches.

Alain is also a prominent figure in the world of sport. Since 1980, he has coached the Belgian Tennis Federation, been the mental coach for the Belgian Men’s Hockey Team and even took part in the 2008 Olympic Games, in Beijing. By 2012, with Alain’s mental coaching, the Belgian Women’s Hockey Team qualified for the Olympic Games in London – this made them the first Belgium Women’s Team to do so. Additionally, his psychological influence on the Belgian National Men’s Hockey team helped them to secure a bronze medal in the European Championship, in 2007.

Alain plays a pinnacle role in numerous post-graduate programs, where he features as a Team Coaching and Human Resources expert at Solvay Business School. Additionally, he is an Adjunct Professor on the Executive Education Programs, a resident expert for the Special Diploma in Business Coaching at IESEG and the Manager Coach Diploma at ICHEC Enterprises. Finally, he is the Supervisor at Louvain School of Management UCL on the Post Graduate Education Program.

With his combination of both business and sporting knowledge, Alain published The Corporate Athlete in 2002, Attitude Coach in 2004 and It’s All In The Character in 2007 – all of which have since been translated into multiple languages. These non-fiction books have made Alain’s invaluable knowledge accessible to not just business owners, but everyday people too, inspiring all who read them to unlock their own mental capabilities – a topic which he also promotes in his public speaking.

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When at corporate events, Alain is known to cover following topics:

  • Leadership & Motivation
  • Human Resource Management
  • Stress Management
  • Performance Management
  • Coaches & Trainers

Alain discussing energy: