Suzi Digby OBE

Leading Conductor, Choir Master & Music Educator Ideal For Teambuilding Sessions

Esteemed conductor, choirmaster and music educator Suzi Digby is continually in the public eye. A very talented individual, Suzi has a career that hosts an impressive list of appearances and achievements, such as conducting at the Royal Albert Hall and being a visiting professor at universities. Her commitment to the music industry is commendable, continually giving back to those around her.

Born in Japan, Suzi spent many years travelling the world living in places such as Hong Kong, the Phillippines and Mexico. After many years travelling she settled in the UK, where she began to found her career in conducting and being a choirmaster. Suzi now works as a leading choirmaster, encouraging both communities and schools to revive singing within the UK.

Suzi is the founder of many organisations surrounding singing. In 2014 she established the vocal consort called The Golden Bridge in California. The Golden Bridge is a choir consisted of 20 professional singers, who are working to explore the relationship between English and Californian choral traditions. Later in 2016, she established ORA singers which is a UK leading ensemble continuing the tradition of choral singing in Britain. Suzi has also founded The Voices Foundation, Vocal Futures and the London Youth Choir.

Suzi also has an impressive collection of people for which she has conducted for. Those include the BBC Symphony Orchestra, the London Mozart Players, The English Concert and the Orchestra of the Age Enlightenment. She is also the official choral conductor for The Rolling Stones.

Teaching is another talent of Suzi’s, regularly acting as a professor at universities. She is a visiting professor at the University of South Carolina, where she teaches Choral Studies. She is also the acting Music Director at the Queens College in Cambridge. Whilst at Queens College, Suzi founded and is now running Queens Choral Conducting Programme.

Suzi has conducted at an impressive array of venues and events within her time in the music industry. Those venues and events include The Royal Albert Hall, St John’s Smith Square, Ambika P3 London, St James Picadilly, Kings College Chapel, the O2, Glastonbury Festival, Hyde Park and the Gstaad Festival.

In 2007 Suzi’s hard work and dedication to music was credited when she was appointed an OBE Suzi’s commitment to music give her reputable qualities for corporate events and functions.

“Suzi was on stage with Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones when her choirs (Voce Chamber Choir and London Youth Chamber Choir) performed for the 50th anniversary concerts at the O2 with a capacity audience of 20,000!”

“Suzi, her conductors and musicians performed a miracle for us for our 210th birthday when they brought together three choirs of 60 colleagues and in under two hours coached them in three sung and danced medleys of Abba, the Beatles and Gangnam Style before an audience of 2,500. Suzi and team turned up the emotional pitch and united us all. It was an extraordinary moment. As for the singers, they bonded with colleagues they didn’t know, achieved something they knew nothing of when they awoke that morning and of which most did not think themselves remotely capable. For them, it was a transformative experience.”  – The Pictet Group

“Suzi assumed we could all sing – so we could!”

“Normally a very competitive atmosphere – so we let down our guard and played together”

“Everyone was committed to working together to get the best sound” – National Leadership and Innovation Agency for Healthcare

“Suzi Digby was a very successful guest speaker at Roedean School.  She gave an engaging and lively presentation which drew on the specific features of the school and kept young and old entertained with activating and community singing.”  – Mrs Frances King (MBA) London (MBA) Hull, Headmistress of Roedean School

“I should like to thank Suzi for her participation at our recent Symposium for chorus directors.  Her keynote speech was very well received and added greatly to the enjoyment and knowledge of the attendees.” – British Association of Barbershop Singers

“Feedback has been beyond my expectations and can best be summarised as:

‘Took me out of my comfort zone before I even knew it’

‘Amazing parallels in music and what Suzi did with what we have to do as leaders and team players in banking’

‘Suzi’s leadership, energy and communication skills were awe-inspiring’

‘The sessions gave me so much food for thought and areas for me to work on as a leader’

‘Great opportunity for us to join up in a focussed but enjoyable manner’

‘The dinner with Suzi was enlightening, not just because of her music experiences that translate to our leadership needs, but her own amazing leadership’    

‘Really fun event too’

In short, I would say that is a wrap! Thank you for all that you have done to help us on our journey.”  – Martin Spurling, Fifs Chief Executive Officer Offshore Islands & HSBC Bank International Limited

‘Great letting something inside of you out that you don’t normally let out”

“Excellent for times of low morale”

An excellent icebreaker on a training day” –  Department for Skills and Education National Leadership and Innovation Agency for Healthcare

“We were thrilled to have Suzi deliver a keynote speech at our conference and many attendees found her inspiring and were particularly struck with her talking about learning through listening, and how to facilitate that. Thank you.” –  Making Music