Stella English


Having left education with little to no qualifications, Stella English defied all expectations when she bought herself to business success and became the winner of the 2010 series of The Apprentice. A motivating, self-made female within the business world has the ability to offer the most prestige advice to corporations of all sizes and aspiring individuals as an after-dinner speaker.

Stella grew up on a council estate in London when she finished school with very little direction or qualifications to her name. Despite this, her drive and determination carried her to become a manager on the trading floor of the Japanese bank, Daiwa. With an established skillset in investment banking and financial services, English applied to become a participant in Lord Alan Sugars journey to find a new business partner. Thousands of auditions later, Stella became one out of 16 candidates to join the boardroom.

Displaying her strengths week in, week out, Stella was eventually invited to the interview stage of the competition where she faced some of the most prolific business people in the UK. With her natural flair for finance winning her through to the final round against Chris Bates, English put forward a premium brand of bourbon whiskey complemented with an impeccable business strategy that won over the business magnate.

Since becoming hired, Stella has become the commercial manager for the digital top box company set up by Lord Sugar, YouView TV Limited. She has also gone onto become the Chief of Staff at Citi in 2012 before moving to HP to become the management consultant. Stella has also become a prominent face on TV having hosted Sky’s Crowdbox TV.

A highly skilled, professional businesswoman that has left her stamp on Lord Sugar’s boardroom is now travelling the UK as an established business after-dinner speaker. Fully equipped with business management, finance, leadership and teamwork tips, Stella English is incredibly popular for attending a whole variety of corporate events and functions.

To book Stella English as the leadership speaker for your corporate event, function or conference, simply contact the Champions Speakers agency using the contact details below.

When at corporate events, Stella is known to cover the following topics:

  • Leadership Speaker
  • Business Speaker
  • Managerial & Marketing
  • Small Business
  • Entrepreneurialism
  • Business Strategy