Luke ‘Snow Walker’ Robertson


With an artificial pacemaker attached to his heart and less than two years after undergoing complex life-saving brain surgery, Luke ‘Snow-walker’ Robertson arrived at the South Pole, Antarctica. At only thirty years old, in 2016, he had just become the youngest Brit, the first Scot and one of less than twenty people in history to ski 730 miles solo, completely unsupported and unassisted to the bottom of the world. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, with the completion of expedition ‘operating table to operation South Pole’ he had just become the first person in history to do so with that artificial pacemaker.

An experienced speaker, educated to Masters degree level and with 6 years of business experience to hand, Luke is frequently touted by those whom have heard him as the most inspiring and motivational story-teller imaginable. He has spoken in front of thousands at a TEDx conference and enthralled a variety of audiences, from some of the world’s largest businesses to groups of school children.

With no military background – unlike many other explorers – Luke’s story about an ordinary person overcoming personal challenges and taking the positives from such experiences to achieve goals, resonates with those from all walks of life. He successfully ensures his remarkable story is applicable to all – and relates to the everyday challenges we all face.

As an ongoing adventurer, explorer and endurance athlete, Luke’s repertoire of stories and lessons learnt is ever-growing. He continues to break through boundaries and push stigmas to one side, breaking records and inspiring all those he meets. Luke’s experiences of grueling expeditions to Antarctica, Greenland, Norway and competing in the inaugural 8 day 250-mile Cape Wrath Ultra Expedition Race – among many others – caters for the bespoke requirements and interests of all audiences, from senior employee meetings to graduate conferences.

From not knowing whether he would live or die, to feeling ‘on top of the bottom of the world’ his exciting and rousing journey is brought to life through pictures and videos, in what is a truly jaw-dropping account of success against all odds. Overcoming adversity, seeking opportunities during difficult times, battling to achieve goals, conquering fear, and focusing on passions and visions are only a small selection of themes that Luke has spoken on.

Believing that we all have the strength within us to take steps to achieve personal aspirations, Luke aims to provide the impetus and inspire belief in individuals to reach out of their own comfort zone and surprise themselves with what they can achieve. He is sure we all have it in us, but that sometimes we just need the motivation to take that first step ‘outside of the tent’ each morning and tackle our biggest fears.

Demonstrating humility throughout, he is engaging, funny and affable, and communicates his story in a manner that ensures it is relevant, with clear and concise takeaways for all listeners.  He discusses the determination and ambition to take on challenges both from a physical and psychological perspective in all aspects of life.

His heart-warming, but bone chilling, experiences of dealing with constantly changing environments through illness and on expeditions arrive through messages that are touching and enlightening. Discussing the range of skills and techniques required in adversity to become a record-breaker, Luke leaves an enormous impact such on audience members.  As they leave only wanting to hear more – expect each and every person to depart with their own personal takeaway and an impression that will last a lifetime.

To book Luke ‘Snow Walker’ Robertson as the keynote speaker for your corporate event, function or conference, simply contact the Champions Speakers agency by emailing or by calling a booking agent directly on 0207 1010 553.

When at corporate events, Luke is known to cover the following topics:

  • Motivational Speaking
  • Conquering Fear
  • Teamwork & Team-Building
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Making Marginal Gains
  • Risk vs Reward Assessment
  • Personal Leadership
  • Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone
  • Finding Opportunities In The Toughest Of Times
  • Goal Setting

“Incredible achievements delivered in the most personable, accessible, and humble of manners. Accompanied with fantastic photos and vivid explanations, Luke’s is a truly unique story, not simply because of the sheer mental and physical fortitude required, but because of the circumstances which inspire him.” – Franklin Templeton 

“Luke Robertson is a truly inspirational individual. What he has accomplished at such a young age and in the face of such adversity is quite remarkable. What is equally as remarkable is the story he tells of his journey and the demons he had to conquer along the way.  Luke speaks from the heart and his recollection of events leading up to and during his epic adventure to the South Pole are loaded with emotional anecdotes that inspire as much as they entertain. His delivery is informative yet extremely witty in parts and had his audience listening intently to every word and enjoying every picture. He is a pleasure to watch and listen to and provides a truly inspirational example of what can be achieved by a human being driven to make a difference in this World…” – Credit Suisse

“Luke’s presentation was captivating: action-packed, with such engaging delivery and content, it felt like he knew his audience and connected with them so well. With the perfect level of detail to capture the mood, he conveyed real passion, which in turn helped to take you on his journey, making you feel that you were right there alongside him. Luke is a natural story teller…articulate, enthusiastic, relaxed, down-to-earth and friendly, and despite his relatively young age he came across like a seasoned pro, highly professional. Luke captured the very essence and endeavor of adventure…we were all incredibly inspired by his story of how he has overcome the most insurmountable odds to achieve goals. His lecture was truly inspiring and a delight to listen to…through making it relevant to all, and the self-doubts and challenges we all face in life, everyone came out feeling energized, motivated and wanting more!” – Festival Director – Aviemore Adventure Film Festival