Daniel Lerner

Happiness Expert & Instructor Of NYU’s 'The Science Of Happiness'

Daniel is a Happiness Expert & Instructor of NYU’s The Science of HappinessIn his mesmerising talks, Dan guides audiences through the science of happiness and how our lives are literally in our own hands. How are we digesting success and suffering? Where are our unique places of wellness and fulfilment?

How can we continually draw from them, as we balance work, play, and passion? Students, corporate executives, elite musicians, and athletes—Dan has worked with audiences across the spectrum on boosting performance and harnessing positive psychology to build excellence and sustain success.  

We must understand our habits, decisions and behaviour at the most basic level, he notes, in order to successfully pursue goals, decide between things and evaluate our lives. Dan’s class The Science of Happiness is currently the largest and most popular non-required course at New York University—in great part due to the students’ enthusiasm and the positive changes they report throughout the semester.

Much of his success stems from managing high level performers as well as coaching them — he was a marvellous hit at our internal conference here at LAVIN as he blended storytelling, science and satire! At his core, Dan helps audiences cultivate the roots to community, culture and spaces that support and cultivate fulfilment in individuals. We alone, as Dan points out, have the power to change everything. A brilliant motivational speaker, Lerner will guarantee an inspiring yet engaging after dinner speech – his experience shows through this.

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